PRESS RELEASE: Free Kick Foundation Class of 2017 Presentation of Colors Press Conference Report

PRESS RELEASE: Free Kick Foundation Class of 2017 Presentation of Colors Press Conference Report

image1In January 2017, the Free Kick Foundation hosted its first annual College Player Showcase.

The event promised young student-athletes the opportunity to showcase their talents, in the hopes of securing scholarships  to US universities.

The trials were well attended, resulting in 45 student-athletes  being selected for the showcase.

The event resulted in 20 scholarship offers being made to the students, including fourteen (14) offers to St. Lucia student-athletes and six (6) to Dominica student-athletes. This outcome, being the most successful of any showcase held on island, greatly exceeded expectations.

Free Kick Foundation has since been actively engaged in preparing the students for their transition to the USA. These are exciting times and FKF is honored to be a part of such a life-changing event.

“Our interest and investment in these students is not limited only to sporting achievements, but extends to the fulfillment of their absolute potential – including education, life skills, broadening of their horizons through travel and a diverse range of opportunities. “ said the CEO of FKF Aaron King.

He also added “ We believe that the US college experience will provide these students the expert coaching and exposure to competition that will help foster winning attitudes.”

At the press conference held last monday, each student-athlete was presented  with an official college t-shirt from the school that they will be attending this  August.
FKF is proud to present its ” Class of 2017″
Aaron Richard (St. Lucia)
Aazah Daniel (St. Lucia)
Alijah Titer (Dominica)
Andrez Joseph (Dominica)
Cassius Jones (St. Lucia)
Claudina Constantine (St. Lucia)
Ethan Joseph (St. Lucia)
Fitz Jolly (Dominica)
Gylles Mitchel (Dominica)
Jahzani Henry (St. Lucia)
Jervel Tobierre (St. Lucia)
Keeroy Lionel (St. Lucia)
Lula Lionel (St. Lucia)
Montell James (Dominica)
Nangee Phillip (St. Lucia)
Romelcia Phillip (Dominica)
Shaunasha Prevot (St. Lucia)
Tyrstan St. Louis (St. Lucia)
Yod Fervier (St. Lucia)
Zachernus Simon (St. Lucia)


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