PRESS RELEASE: ECTEL Council of Ministers meeting for Saint Lucia

PRESS RELEASE: ECTEL Council of Ministers meeting for Saint Lucia

The thirty-fifth meeting of the ECTEL Council of Ministers will convene in Saint Lucia on Friday, July 28th, 2017.

The meeting will receive reports on the Draft Electronic Communications (EC) Bill and Protocol to amend the Treaty and Modification of Individual Licences. In addition, papers on New Regulations Under the Draft EC Bill and Draft Roaming Bill and Regulations, will be presented to Council. Updates on Regulatory Matters will also be provided at Friday’s meeting.

Friday’s agenda also includes discussion on ECTEL’s Budget process, ECTEL/NTRC Vision 2020 and the Relocation of ECTEL’s Headquarters.

Friday’s meeting will take place at Coco Palm Resorts, Rodney Bay, Saint Lucia from 9 in the morning.

The ECTEL Council of Ministers comprises Ministers with responsibility for Telecommunications from the five ECTEL Member States. The Council formulates policy for the management of telecommunications in Member States.



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  1. The Ministers have too much authority under our telecommunications laws and should devolve some of their authority to ECTEL and the NTRCs. Then again the Draft Electronic Communications Bill will maintain the status quo as another ‘Minister-centric’ law and one gets the impression that the legal drafters and technocrats conspire to maintain this status quo even if it creates inefficient telecommunications regulatory processes in the region.


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