PRESS RELEASE: C&W leading the way in pre-5G testing in the Caribbean

PRESS RELEASE: C&W leading the way in pre-5G testing in the Caribbean
President of Flow Caribbean Garfield Sinclair, PM Gaston Browne (Antigua & Barbuda) & Joe Mathieson (GM CWC Antigua) at #CANTO2017 #Pre5GTesting
President of Flow Caribbean Garfield Sinclair, PM Gaston Browne (Antigua & Barbuda) & Joe Mathieson (GM CWC Antigua) at #CANTO2017 #Pre5GTesting

At the 33rd CANTO Annual Conference & Trade Exhibition, John Reid, CEO of C&W Communications (C&W), announced that C&W has completed a groundbreaking pre-5G (fifth generation wireless broadband technology) trial in Antigua.

Once installed, Antigua will be the first country in the region with the most advanced pre-5G network, delivering download peak speeds of up to 800 Mbps. In the trial’s next phase, the Company expects to test a 5G prototype reaching 2 to 5 Gbps peak speeds, which will have a profound positive impact on the island.

The announcement came as part of Reid’s keynote address today to prominent Caribbean officials at the 33rd CANTO Annual Conference & Trade Exhibition in the Dominican Republic.

“These are exciting times for C&W Communications, as we continue to invest and develop more pioneering innovations to meet the needs of our customers and enable growth in the region through transformative technology,” said Reid. “This pre-5G trial in the Caribbean, is a significant step towards the evolution of C&W’s mobile networks across the region to 5G, and providing Gigabit speeds to our customers in Antigua,” he continued.

Hon. Gaston Browne, PM of Antigua and Barbuda, with John Reid, CEO C&W Communications, at the 33rd CANTO Annual Telecom Conference & Trade Exhibition in the Dominican Republic.

C&W’s pre-5G technology trial, a combined effort with parent company Liberty Global, is based on LTE Advanced Pro (LTE-A Pro), the latest LTE evolution, that delivers lower latency, more capacity and improved reliability for customers. This translates into a faster mobile internet experience where customers can better participate in advanced technology such as richer video experience and new apps.

In early October, the Company will further test a 5G prototype network designed to deliver wireless data connections above 2 Gbps. If the trials are successful, and the business case favorable, the Company plans to invest another $5 million in Antigua alone to significantly upgrade the wireless infrastructure there. C&W has invested $1.5 billion in the region over the last three years.

5G is a new set of standards beyond traditional 4G/LTE technologies. This set of standards will allow operators to deliver wireless data connections above 1 Gbps and to enable the Internet of Things (IoT). C&W’s pre-5G trial and 5G prototype trials are part of a partnership with Ericsson, who will provide the equipment and software in Antigua and across the Caribbean.


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  1. Here is some free advice. The services that you offer are pretty. Please try to offer and acceptable quality of service before you expand your service. Flow Internet for one is very poor. I am unable to access a number of websites, including BBC. Imagine having to use a
    proxy to access the site.

    This is not about the is about GREED. Period!!!!!!


  2. ofcourse C&W would be leading the way, when you in a race and you are the only one running, who will infront?? smh. C&W/FLOW what ever you want to call them nowadays, since the merger, all the services offered by FLOW is of poor quality. they talk about upgrades but we the customers end up with more problems than benefits. and then we have to pay a higher bill for the same poor service. this company, because they have no competition, are taking advantage of us.
    i'm sick and tired of it. i'm ready to discontinue my services with FLOW. and if more people start doing the same, then i believe the company will take notice. but if we remain silent, they will continue and jus cover it under a veil and say is "upgrades".
    as a LIME customer the people want to tell me i have to pay to suscribe to FLOW and only then will i get the new cable box. that is unfair. i wish Mr Terry that like to make statements for them would address that issue. i never ask for companies to merge, and now you telling me i have to pay a fee to suscribe and then still end up paying the higher cable cost. as a customer my cable box should be replaced/upgraded FREE OF CHARGE and then yall can say, there is an upgrade so the fees will increase. why is the customer being punished for something they had no dealings with.
    well you know what... LIME/ FLOW/ CW what ever yall name is.....all of yall can kiss my A$$.


    • You have a choice. We all have a choice. Return their modems and discontinue their cable service. See how quickly their service improves. Unless you people are willing to make the necessary sacrifices and hold people accountable then you're just wasting your breath. And yes I am no longer a flow cable customer. I can do without it. The moment we get a viable internet alternative that service gone too. Speak with your wallets.


  3. Yeah and just to add in.I hope you'll do good survailance on you'll workers them,because digicel Telephone Company seem to have a bunch of scammers working in their company everytime you get an International call,these mf's on the line,listening to your conversation.And they say is cross line.Why my shit cross,and they so dumb,when they hear you curseing they hang up,dont even have the brains to know you still on the phone,and they have to hang up at the same time with you.You'll telephone companies need to be run out of the Caribbean, a bunch of thieves .And customers still have to pay for bad service.Now you'll say you'll different okayy we been there before.We will see and hear.


  4. This G thing I believe is a scam.

    Every year or two IT/ telecom companies talk about the next increment of G's when they cannot even fulfill their cable service obligations. 4G in reality is actually 2G.

    Consumers have no rights I st lucia. ..flow digi are all abusing us!


  5. Cable and wireless cant even Maintain the services they have now is 5g they looking foreward to smfh.


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