PRESS RELEASE: Congratulations District 6

PRESS RELEASE: Congratulations District 6

As the school year ends, congratulations are in order to the 14 schools in district 6 on their successes and strides achieved during the school year.

Every school in the district saw an improvement in academic performance some of which recorded exceptional results at National exams. This accomplishment speaks to the commitment of educators in the district who worked tirelessly to provide quality education, as they helped move the district from sixth to third place nationally.

We maintained a winning spirit in the areas of sports and other competitions. District Six retained the first place title at the national Inter Primary school track and field competition.

Nearly all schools participated and won in the different competitions at the District level to help ensure that the district could compete at the national level. Our two secondary schools also performed remarkably at their various activities and competitions, particularly at the District and National Science Fairs.

The district itself saw some changes as well as the introduction of new initiatives. The first ever District concert held in December 2016 was well received by all. We also had a splendid Independence service at which well deserving schools and individuals were awarded for their outstanding performances and contributions.

The District Office is thankful for the Independence gift it received which allowed for its first ever face lift in 34 years. We commend the District’s Office staff who did the painting themselves. We also bade farewell to our District Education Officer, Mr Peter Joseph, who led the district with distinction during his 16 years of service.

We take this opportunity to thank all the sponsors who helped schools and the district in achieving our goals. Our successes and our achievements could not have happened without you.

We pray God’s blessings on you and your institutions, and we hope that we can continue working together in the interest of our nation’s children. We also thank our parents and well – wishers who participated in school and district activities. We urge you to continue offering your support as we can accomplish so much more when we join efforts.

It is in this vein that we encourage parents of all schools in District 6 to participate fully in the new school year and to work alongside our schools to help us maximize our children’s potential. We cannot go it alone; we need you on board.

Principals, teachers, ancillary staff and students, enjoy your well-earned vacation.  As you do so, set aside some time to seriously prepare for the coming academic year so that your renewed energy and vigor will lead us to accomplish even greater exploits in the new school year 2017/2018.


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  1. This is FAKE NEWS! This cannot come from the Ministry's office. Not every school from the district saw an improvement in grades this year compared to last year. The Vfort Primary failed miserably. The were one of the few school below the national mean. There were students with their parents being teachers at the school and they could not pass to their favored school.


  2. Lovely story. However, I would like to know which schools make up district Six. Too often we hear about the various education districts but people out of the loop do not know exactly where they are.


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