PRESS RELEASE: Christian couple save man that was about to kill himself

PRESS RELEASE: Christian couple save man that was about to kill himself

slide1Spiritual experience generates experience. The experienced person sees what some people do not see.

Based on the experience of a life obedient to the Word of God, a couple of Christians from the Universal Church of the Kingdom of God, Gilmar and Gloriza, perceived a powerful alarm in the most profound and complete silence.

Last Saturday, that silence “shouted” for the couple who held a prayer group in a simple neighbourhood of Campo Grande, Mato Grosso do Sul in Brazil. They knocked on a gate to call the residents of a house. They called, they called and nobody answered. There seemed to be no one in the house.

They decided to go to the house next door where the conversation with a resident was quick and, when they finished, they were going to move on to a third house, when the Christian couple saw a young man leave the property where they had called before and had no answer.

The gentleman had a heavy countenance. Gilmar introduced himself, but the man’s reaction was to point upward toward the inside of the house, where there was a hanging rope hanging from a beam.

“I was going to take my life; I cannot take so much suffering anymore. But I heard you knocking and I decided to open it” said the man in tears, he wanted to kill himself because he got involved with drugs after he had lost his job and his finances were completely messed up. His wife left home with their children.

The stories of that young man and the Christian couple were very similar. Years ago, Gilmar also saw his marriage collapsed and came not only to think of suicide, but also to kill his wife. But everything changed when they arrived at the Universal Church of the Kingdom of God. “I told him that my story had been, in some aspects, even worse, and I told other stories of those who had their lives changed by faith.

The heavy countenance gave place to a countenance of hope and he asked “so it’s not only with me that happens?’ I told him that if we succeeded, so he can as well”.

Gilmar removed the rope from the beam and they prayed with the man. Gilmar then made a promised to the desperate young man he said, “I will keep the rope with me, and when your life has changed, you will look at it and remember where God took you from”. Divine action enabled the almost dead man to emerge from the suicidal desires by hearing the pounding beats on a simple gate at the most opportune moment.

Anyone who attempts suicide does not really want to end their life. They want to end their suffering.

The end of suffering only makes sense if life continues after it. This is a story that is just the beginning. We’ll still hear a lot about it. And many will be inspired by it, both to help others and to know themselves that it is possible to get out of trouble and build a better life.

:: Good To Know ::
If you are suffering with suicidal thoughts or know someone suffering, send our number to them. If in case they don’t have credit, ask them to send us a please call at:

730-4040 / 730-2343
At the same numbers Whatsapp is available.

The persons that call will receive Prayers and Counselling.


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