PRESS RELEASE: Castries mayor begins official visit to New York City

PRESS RELEASE: Castries mayor begins official visit to New York City

Mayor of the City of Castries, His Worship Peterson D Francis has commenced a series of meetings as part of an official visit to New York City.

Mayor Francis and his delegation, which include Chief Executive Officer Anselma Calderon and Press and Communications Manager Jason Hullingseed, left the island on Thursday July 13, 2017 for New York City.

Whilst there, Mayor Francis and his delegation will attend meetings and hold cordial exchanges with New York City Mayor Mr. Bill de Blasio, acting Brooklyn District Attorney Eric Gonzalez, Brooklyn Borough President Mr. Eric L. Adams, New York Department of Small Business Services Commissioner Greg Bishop and City of Newark Deputy Mayor, Mr. Ugo Nwaokoro.

Mayor Francis will also meet with the Caribbean American Chamber of Commerce President Roy Hastick, New York Police Department’s Chief of Crime Control Strategies Mr. Dermont Shea and the President of Green-Wood Cemetery in Brooklyn Mr. Richard Moylan.
His Worship will also pay a courtesy visit to staff members at the St. Lucia Consulate and Ambassador Cosmos Richardson at the St. Lucia Mission to the United Nations.

The series of meetings are part of planned strategies to create strong partnerships and to build linkages all in an effort to improve and develop the City of Castries.

Mayor Francis and his delegation will return to St. Lucia on Thursday July 20, 2017.



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  1. What a flipping joke! The country has no money but I'm sure money was found for the Mayor and his "entourage". How can we ever develop as a country when these types of selfish decisions are being made. This is just one example, such a waste!


  2. Y'all Lucian need to understand that we cannot stay in a bubble and get what we want. See what comes out of it then you all can criticize.


    • The bubble that we often speak of doesn't really exist with advances in technology. The world is more connected now than it ever has been. If it's absolutely necessary for the Mayor to go to New York, then fine, but do we need three people to go to this? That's three airline tickets, three hotel rooms (guessing that at a minimum, the hotels are halfway decent) three sets of per diem. These expenses add up in addition to every other Government official (s) who take these trips. This all in some expectation that we will gain something in the future. At the same time, families are struggling just to put food on the table and to pay essential bills.
      The money used for this trip could have gone toward placing more garbage bins in the city because we really need them or maybe to set up some sort of cleaning schedule for places in the city, power washing some of the places that reek. There are a host of other things that money could have gone towards, but I guess it's just a little, the problem is that every little bit counts.


  3. Was this even necessary? Well lets see what they bringing home to Castries, I hope it's not a bag of hot air.


  4. Riding the backs of the broke country........keep up the global trotting. Yeah, they still aint get a job after one year.......and a whole Ministry to remind them everyday of the need to create jobs........say Chastenet ki di.


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