PRESS RELEASE: Caribbean engineer makes breakthrough in desalination

PRESS RELEASE: Caribbean engineer makes breakthrough in desalination

An engineer from a small Caribbean island has made a breakthrough in desalination technologies.

The unique design and original technology produce no carbon footprint or brine discharge, a combination new to desalination.

The prototype desalinator was designed and manufactured by Karlis Noel of NOVA Inventions in 2016 so that his coastal village could have an emergency water supply during times of drought.

He wanted the device to be durable, portable, reliable under rough conditions, simple enough for a village to operate, and effective at turning sea water into drinking water. Through a grant from the United Nations agency, Global Environment Facility, Small Grants Program (GEF-SGP), the Laborie Fishers and Consumers Cooperative were able to build the desalinator, which can produce 1,000 gallons of water daily.

“The majority of desalinators built today are reverse osmosis,” Noel said. “These systems remove salts and minerals from the seawater, often producing a flat tasting, or heavy water.  NOVA returns minerals to the water to improve flavor after purification.”

Scientific tests on the water show that the desalinator is effective in eliminating solids, bacteria, salt, minerals, and metals.

“NOVA will be discussing further development and testing of the desalinator to improve its design and durability, increase potable water capacity to 10,000 gallons daily, and conduct exhaustive performance testing for purifying sea and brackish water,” said NOVA’s CEO, Dr. Vana Prewitt.


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  1. first they say a small caribbean island. then later on they mention "Laborie Fishers and Consumers Cooperative ". at no point in time have they mentioned ST. LUCIA. was it so hard to jus say a person from ST. LUCIA. it seems that yall dont want to give Helen the respect.


  2. If it were something negative the Island's name would be in bold letters on top. Now its something positive , please where is the name of that Caribbean island. PUT IT IN BOLD!!!


  3. Such innovation must be highlighted and celebrated for our island people. If were to aggressively and rapidly introduce engineering, science, technology and innovation at all levels in our, yes our, school system, we might get the third nobel laureate. That should have long been the secret aim of all ministers and ministries of education. We have two already. But two are too few. Let's work hard on getting our third.

    Arthur Lewis, our Arthur Lewis, was the first black professor in Britain. We need many more firsts.


  4. Amazing the innovation and creativity in our fair aisle. A welcome break from the negative news of politics, shootings and vandals. Good luck, NOVA!


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