PRESS RELEASE: Bahamian luxury “slow-fashion” leather goods brand Willique merges sustainability with style


Willique – the London based luxury leather, bespoke handbag brand is fast establishing an international reputation for craftsmanship and design, whilst championing the idea that luxury too can be part of the slow fashion movement.

So what exactly is slow fashion?

The movement is gaining momentum within the industry. Representing ethicality, sustainability and “green” ideals within fashion, the core values include diversity, ethical practises, resourcefulness, quality and slowing down consumption.

Recognising that it can be difficult to find luxury leather goods that are both bespoke and cruelty free, designer Anya has forged links with an innovative alternative leather company.

136London based designer Anya, was born and raised in both the Turks & Caicos Islands and Bahamas, and credits her love for the ethics of the slow fashion model to her childhood and extensive travelling – including spending years in education in the USA and UK.

“In the Caribbean, you are surrounded by the vibrancy of nature, respect of resources and extremely talented artists practising skills such as weaving, embroidery and art – and never receiving recognition. When I moved to London, I was excited to see a wealth of emerging designers and brands really embracing and successfully pioneering an ideal that is very much close to my heart.”

With international press exposure including UK Pride, E-Luxe, Caribbean Posh and She Caribbean, within the first year of inception the brand has already gained the attention and support of The Royal Prince’s Trust and has had the privileged opportunity of gifting to the MOBO awards attendees.

So what does the rest of 2017 hold for Willique? Anya will be joining other emerging fashion designers who champion ethical and sustainable practises in production for the inaugural Eco Fashion Week Australia (EFWA) taking place in Perth, Australia and also be one of the leading sponsors for the Bahamas International Film Festival – taking place in December.

Anya states, “I just never understood the concept of fast fashion. The idea of mass produced items and the accompanying controversy and (often compromise on quality) I cannot be a part of. With Willique, I have built personal relationships with my manufactures, sourcing and team over time. I love both luxury and ethicality so it’s therefore very obvious in which direction to head to. The Caribbean is never directly looked at being a pioneer for sustainable fashion, and Willique plans to change that.”

With more brands and designers such as Stella McCartney and ASOS embracing the idea of slow, eco fashion and bringing it mainstream – it has never been so on trend to be green.

To discover more about Anya and to shop her luxury leather goods range Willique, visit


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