PRESS RELEASE: Anti-substance abuse march in Bexon

PRESS RELEASE: Anti-substance abuse march in Bexon

drugsprotest3_44772The Ministry of Health joined local groups for an Anti-substance abuse march in the Bexon community.

On Saturday, the 24th of May, 2017 the Substance Abuse Secretariat, Pathfinders Club and 7th Day Adventist Church came together to march against substance abuse in their community.

The activity observed the theme “Tobacco – a threat to development” from this year’s World No Tobacco Day which was recognized on the 31st of May.

Charmaine Hippolyte, Director of the Substance Abuse Advisory Council Secretariat, describes the activity as one which intended to raise awareness of the dangers of tobacco smoking.

“The Clubs are actually joining…..not only to health but social development.”

Executive Secretary of the Saint Lucia Mission of 7th Day Adventist, Pastor Roger Stephen, emphasized that the intention of the activity was to send a concise message to the youth regarding substance abuse.

‘The message today is very clear…..we are just hurting and harming ourselves.”

Preceded by a morning service, the Anti Substance Abuse march culminated at the Sun Valley Park where a message was delivered from keynote speaker Dr. Stephen King.


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  1. Good job! May many young people hear loudly and clear. May God bless our young people and lead them.


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