PRESS RELEASE: 31 students of Vieux Fort benefit from IAU’s partnership with the St Lucia Red Cross

PRESS RELEASE: 31 students of Vieux Fort benefit from IAU’s partnership with the St Lucia Red Cross

Thirty-one deserving students of Vieux-Fort benefited from the generosity of the International American University (IAU) College of Medicine when it collaborated with the St. Lucia Red Cross to donate school supplies to them.

The children, students of kindergarten, infant and primary school level received their supplies which consisted of notebooks, exercise books and pencils, among others, at a brief ceremony held at the college on Wednesday.

Addressing the ceremony, the Chief Academic Officer (CAO) of IAU, Patrick J Gannon, said IAU is pleased to partner with the St. Lucia Red Cross to make the donation.

He added that the school appreciates the work of the Red Cross and wish it well in all its endeavors.

He said IAU appreciates St. Lucia and its splendid hospitality.

“We care for Saint Lucia, we care for the schools and we care for Comfort Bay…”

In an interview with Phelia Wilson of the St. Lucia Red Cross (Vieux-Fort branch), she told The Voice that the Cross is proud to be associated with IAU to help underprivileged children.

“The Red Cross is very excited about this. It brings a sense of commitment and community togetherness…” Wilson said.

Wilson added that the Red Cross would like to see such a gesture continue.

“The little help goes a long way…” she said.

In an interview with Vernell Charles, the mother of one of the students who received a donation, she said she welcomes the humanitarian gesture of the college, adding that it will be of much assistance to her.

The Public Relations Officer (PRO) of IAU, Sibi Gopalakrishnan, told the reporter that IAU has always played a philanthropic role in the community and will continue to do so.

“We feel happy helping people in need. We do more than just educating students to become doctors,” Gopalakrishnan said.


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  1. you guys are wasting your time, my advice if you work at IAU and haven't been paid yet, is to leave because that is not the first time they're doing that, and I guarantee, it will not be the last. That is what I did and I don't regret it. They have priorities when they're paying, same thing they did to me, they will pay the more important staff, the administrators etc first, and the rest just have to wait. I found that ridiculous, to me all staff should be paid at the same time, it's not like the people don't know who's working for them. I say run far and run fast, unless you have no other option, then I'm so sorry for your situation.


  2. What the hell is bigger staff?? Well consider me lesser staff. STAFF HAS BEEN PAID FOR JUNE. PURE STUPIDNESS!!!


    • You know well you have more title than most other staff, that makes you bigger staff, the less important people is lesser staff.


    • James, stop lying, I know for a fact that is not true. I don't know what you get from lying, but at least take care of your ppl so you don't have to come here and lie. Taking advantage of poor people and then lying about it. Now I disgusted.


    • Liar. My Niece works there and I had to loan her some money to buy groceries because she hasn't seen a paycheck in months even though she was always at work. Despicable practices.


  3. How they have money to do that and somebody tell me they still haven't paid their staff for months now.


    • Nigel listen up... I work at IAU and we been paid for last month. So if you want facts pls take a trip down at the university and stop the assumption.


      • If that's the case how come a friend of mine who works at your school haven't been paid yet, I work at the credit union he deposits his money at, up to now he haven't got paid for since June. If you got paid already, why hasn't he? Some of his bills in arrears, that's not something he would lie about. Don't get me wrong, I happy for the children, I just think what's happening not right.


      • James, don't come here with that "we have been paid" that may be true for you, you are bigger staff, but for the rest of us, lesser staff, that is not the case,


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