President fined for ignoring Coast Guard’s request to stop

President fined for ignoring Coast Guard’s request to stop
A pirogue.
A pirogue.

Acting on a tip from an informant in 2011, officers attached to the Drug Squad enlisted the assistance of officers from the Marine Unit.

The two sets of officers proceeded to a site some 45 nautical miles off the coast of St Lucia. Whilst there the officers observed a pirogue (small boat) later determined to be owned by Nellwyn President, circling a larger boat which was at the time anchored at the location.

The pirogue then left the scene.

Officers observed no interaction with the occupants of the pirogue and the occupants of the larger boat, however they gave chase and ordered the occupants of the pirogue to halt. Officers utilized loud hailers, strobe lights and sirens, to no avail.

President was arrested on August 6, 2011.

Having visited the Marine Unit in person to determine the effectiveness of these measures, Magistrate Charon Gardner, in court yesterday, determined that enough effort was made to get President to stop.  As such Gardner stated that she was not inclined to let President go totally free.

President’s attorney, Alberton Richelieu, asked for leniency for his client on the grounds that President was a father of a seven-year-old and had never before been convicted of an offense.

Gardner stated that she took into account the fact that President is employed, a father and that it was his first offense.  The failure to stop was, however, an aggravating factor for Gardner.

President was ordered to pay $1,500as a fine.  In default President will spend a month in prison for each payment he misses.

The fine is payable in three equal monthly installments of $500 from January 28, 2013 to March 28, 2013.


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  1. That is so stupid. A man have a boat without an engine and the officers from the Marine Unit want to stop him with a boat that can chase a helicopter. Why they asking him to stop. All the have to do is to sail their boat towards his. when he did not stop. They came on board his boat looking for drugs and found nothing and give him some trump up charge. That is harassment. You looking for drugs you found no drugs let the man go. Because he is the president of something those low life office want to make an example of him. You never know you have to respect the law.


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