Construction on New National Hospital nears completion

Construction on New National Hospital nears completion
The New National Hospital undergoes its final stages of construction.
The New National Hospital undergoes its final stages of construction.

An important milestone in the construction project for the New National Hospital (NNH) has been reached.

The transition planning process is the next significant milestone to follow the completion stage in preparing the new hospital for the provision of acute health care services.

The NNH commissioning process involves the installation of specialized medical and surgical equipment; signage; products; services and human resource, as well as verification processes to determine that the new hospital will function in line with the approved design objectives and specifications.

To enable these important functions to be managed, an occupancy team has been instituted to oversee the planning and implementation of the transitional phase, processes and systems for the NNH in readiness for its operationalization.

This Occupancy Committee spans a cross-section of the senior level Victoria Hospital management staff and the New National Hospital commissioning team.

The committee’s roles includes,  amongst others: team and budget development, planning and coordination, vendor/contractor’s coordination, employee and patient communications, onsite activation and move coordination, post move activity coordination and identification  and activation of  internal and external resources that may facilitate the move process.

An early requirement for the occupancy team was the assignment of an EU funded Transitional Planning / commissioning consultant who is an experienced Healthcare manager with international experience. In this initial role, the consultant has been instrumental in supporting the occupancy committee and mangers at Victoria Hospital (VH) in developing the Transition Move Manual for the operationalization of the NNH and the De commissioning of VH.

This Move Manual will first be implemented with the Turning Point Rehabilitation center, as the institution will be relocating in the coming months.

Speaking to the merits of this manual, EU consultant, Mr. Ian Cripwell, shares: “the manual is based extensively on UK National Health Services standards which have been adapted to give guidance to the occupancy/commissioning processes, highlighting action and responsibilities for the remaining phases of the NNH project.”

Meanwhile, as construction works on NNH draws to a close, the different department heads have been undertaking site visits to ensure that all works by the contractors is in accordance with the original drawing specifications. Also, the transition and occupancy team continues to work with the various VH hospital departments to complete the first draft of the policies and protocols for the new hospital and to commence the training of staff by the end of March 2013.

This work to standardize hospital policy has been progressing steadily and has involved administrative staff at Victoria Hospital making substantial quality improvements to the patient care services they provide whilst working to review, develop and improve hospital protocols in preparation for heightened consistent standards of service delivery at the NNH.


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  1. Great to see Saint Lucia's progress with new national hospital. Is this an opportunity to link the financing to results? Follow me on twitter: @CC_CarmenCarpio


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