Preparations for party national convention in full swing: UWP’s Eldridge Stephens

Preparations for party national convention in full swing: UWP’s Eldridge Stephens


PRESS RELEASE – Eldridge Stephens, Chairman of the United Workers’ Party (UWP) Convention Committee said today that preparations for the upcoming party convention to be held on 15th November, 2015 have been progressing smoothly and are well advanced.

The process began with the Northern Zonal Conference which was held on 20th September and was followed by the Southern Zonal Conference, held on 27th September, 2015. At the Zonal Conferences executive members and branch members consider matters facing the Party, and their state of readiness for the National Convention.

The Zonal Conferences were followed by the Conference of Delegates, which was held on 18th October 2015 at Ti Rocher, Micoud.

The Conference of Delegates is a preparatory meeting for National Convention at which delegates are presented with reports from supporting organizations to the party and rules and regulations for National Convention are discussed.

One of the primary activities at the Conference of Delegates is the nomination of members for the National Executive by the seventeen constituency branches; positions which will be voted upon at the National Convention.

The Convention Committee has met with all nominees and will be meeting the chairpersons of all constituency branches to inform them of the convention process on Friday 6th November, 2015.

The Chairman affirms that the Committee will do all in its power to ensure a transparent and fair process at the convention.

The United Workers’ Party National Convention will take place at the Gros Islet Secondary School at 9.00 a.m. on Sunday 15th November 2015.


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  1. Joe talking nonsense as usual. Gang of eight revived? they never gone.
    The most vulnerable is Spider. King better watch out.


  2. So now King asking for peace with Chastanet . So the whole Gang of Eight getting back together.
    Lord give me Kenny any day of the year and twice on SundayNothing will bring back the UWP of Conpton.
    The UWP is dead.


  3. stick a fork in Richard Frederick, spider montoute, Stephenson king, sarah flood, Claudius preville, mary polius, and the rest of the super 8 after this convention. a new era has begun......light your flambeau you sons of exslaves, the yolk of the former slave master will be off you forever!


  4. Aa you think we stupid.What transparency and fairness you talking about? we all know the result.It is already set up for Chastenat to win.Guy told Sarah to tow the line.The whole conference is a gimmick.


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