Pregnant 11-year-old to sit Common Entrance Exam

Pregnant 11-year-old to sit Common Entrance Exam
* NOT the actual person.
Dr. Robert Lewis
Dr. Robert Lewis

The Ministry of Education will be making special arrangements to facilitate the pregnant 11-year-old from Micoud, to write the Common Entrance Exam.

Education Minister, Dr. Robert Lewis, told the media on Tuesday that the issue was discussed by his ministry and they have decided to work to ensure that the child’s education is not terminated.

“While we leave the issue to Human Services and the courts, we are supportive of the child and parent, and we want them to know that we discussed it and we want that child to write her exam,” he said.

The minister said since the child is now in the care of Human Services and given the circumstances of the issue, the girl will be put at a separate location, away from her school, to sit the exam.

In light of this incident, Dr. Lewis said these are parental issues that needs to be addressed, but has also advised schools to play its part by enforcing morals and societal standards.

“We know that children will come into difficult positions and that is why we are asking that part of our education is to teach children about their bodies and teach them that they need to be very careful with what they do,” the minister added.

The grade six student was discovered pregnant last week, when she was taken to the hospital, after complaining of feeling ill.

It is alleged that the girl had sexual intercourse with a 17-year-old boy in her community, which may have led to her pregnancy.


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  1. Salopte, you sound like a damn child predator. No one can think that this skinny child is 15 or more and even if she said she was 15 or 16. he should know that would still be underage. You dirty scum bag, don't you have young females in your family or even young puppies in your yard. That boy should be jailed.


  2. Between the article and the comments. You people are really f.. SICK! A child cannot consent to sex so whomever raped her needs to be in jail along with her parents. How dare everyone be so cavalier about this! If the world stopped allowing people to reproduce (Children of Men) then it would be a blessing because adults sincerely only protect other adults-especially male adults.


  3. These people still blaming this little GIRL for her circumstances!
    ugh, still no one is calling it RAPE, still blaming an 11 year old.

    Let's read this victim blaming quote by the Minister:

    "“We know that children will come into difficult positions and that is why we are asking that part of our education is to teach children about their bodies and teach them that they need to be very careful with what they do,” the minister added.

    "... teach them that they need to be very careful with what they do,”

    THEM, because they are the ones to blame yes?


    here, let me fix the foolishments in the above statement:

    "“We know that children will be raped by RAPISTS and that is why we are asking that part of our education is to teach children about their bodies and teach them that they need to be very vocal in telling adults and police officers when they have been sexually assaulted and or RAPED. Our Police department will take every report of RAPE seriously and investigate thoroughly” the minister added

    Because no, no, no, that 11 year old CHILD is not the one who "needs to be careful"


  4. Only God can judge her people stop judging and pray for her in this life people do make mistake only them they self can correct it lord I ask of you bless her her for she don't know what she have done forgive her and continue to bless take her thru her struggle without no harm lord i pray that she will learn from her mistake thank you lord leader her into your way in Jesus name Amen


  5. Oh my she is just a child herself, why in the name of God was she allowed to carry this child in the first place. I dont believe in abortion but hell she is a baby herself.. Seriously!!!


  6. She does deserve a fair chance but some children don't listen no matter how much the parents may talk to them. On the other hand, who know what kind of parent this child has and is that her first time having sex and getting pregnant? Perhaps it's this inexperience young man who got caught but he needs to stop looking at an 11 year old too.



  7. To Fellowship St.lucians it's not the first time this is happening. I am pleased to inform that I intervened in a similar situation a few years back an that both then eleven year old and her offspring are healthy and productive citizens. They both went on to top secondary schools and graduated with a minimum of four CXCs


  8. Yes bravo, as advocated before should be allowed to write common entrance. More importantly between now and the actual exam what is being done to enable her to prepare for the exam. Hope something is in place. Now something must also be done for the accused young man. Is he allowed to write his CXCs? Is he allowed to continue his education during this difficult time? Irrespective of how difficult it may be, if he is the father, education will serve him well for his future and the future of the unborn child. We blame the mother, for what? For not realising that her little girl is not so little. How many of us are actually in that same boat? For not realising that her baby was pregnant? The school did not realise, the neighbours did not realise. The other family members did not. For raising a child in what the media has painted as a broken home? Majority of our families/children grow up in broken homes. For working and trying to make ends meet? If she does not, we still chastise. There are victims all around. How do we teach our young boys and girls to control their hormones and not experiment? That should be our focus.


  9. Wish in my time they would have let me continue my education. All my teachers begged for me but they wouldnt just because of a lousy mistake. So good luck my girl n i wish u the best just make good use of the second chance given to u witchh i wish i had. U can do it.


  10. Crazy people! How well do you expect her to do on the exam. This child must be under tremendous emotional and psychological duress.


  11. I am one who always believe that pregnancy or mistakes in life for should not be a reason to take away one's education. Good job Mr. Minister.


  12. Should that be news with the picture if a government Minister. Has he done her a special personal favour. The Minister should not even have to comment.

    There should just be no question the girl is entitled to sit the exam. All that may be needed and if necessary is that she be facilitated. Everything has to have some cheap politics in it.


    • St Lucians are something else. Had the minister said nothing everyone would be calling for his head - why is he not saying anything. He has said something and y'all complaining that he shouldnt have said anything. I tell you - damned if you do, damned if you don't with St Lucians. Choops!!!


  13. ... all good and well - but seriously : some "mother" on this island need to be jailed / punished ....


    • For what? You can watch a baby 24/7, the second you turn your back, they might fall. All we can do is our best and pray to God for help.


  14. I swear this is ridiculous. They get pregnant and people always blame the guys. Smfh. Teach the students morals and to stop opening their legs for people.


      • I sound like what? Please go back to school. Maybe they should let you sit Common Entrance. Anyway. My point is, everyone is blaming the young guy when they dont know the story. The young girl could have lied and said she was 15 or 16 and not 10/11. Everyone quick to defend the girl but not the guy. So what happens now? The guy goes to jail and the girl gets to live her life? Smh.


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