Praslin resident attacked outside her residence after months of suspicious events around her home

Praslin resident attacked outside her residence after months of suspicious events around her home
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A female resident of Praslin is fearful of leaving her home after she was attacked and beaten by a male “peeping” tom she believes has been stalking her for several months.

The 32-year-old woman, who spoke on condition of anonymity, told St. Lucia News Online (SNO) that for the past four months she has been noticing someone “peeping” through her window.

“They climbing a tree and would stare at me. When they noticed that I’ve seen them they would climb down and run off,” she said.

Asked to describe what she has actually seen, she said: “No, normally [he] dresses all in black, with a cap right down on his face… I see the person but not the face.”

The “peeping” eventually turned into violent physical contact on the night of Sunday, July 23, 2017.

She explained how the incident unfolded.

“I was attacked outside my home by someone. They beat me up basically, but mostly in the head. I never got to see the person.

“I was inside my home about 7:30 (p.m.) when I heard some loud noises coming from the downstairs balcony, so I messaged the neighbour who lived there and asked if he had anyone there, he said no. But the noises kept getting louder so I initially thought it was the landlady’s dog that burst its chain and got stuck there.

“So I went to try and free it, but not knowing that it was someone there making the noise to get me to come outside. As soon I got there he flew on me and started punching me in the head and face, and was tearing off my clothes. But I was strong enough to fight him off and he eventually run away.

“I called the police and they came but I didn’t see anyone. I didn’t see his face.”

She said she lives with her boyfriend who was not at home when the attack occurred.

“When he arrived home he met the cops there.”

But the attacks haven’t stopped. On Tuesday, August 1, she said she was walking home when stones were thrown at her from bushes. She did not see who threw the stones.

“And last night my boyfriend didn’t reach yet and they were sending stones on the house. It’s scary because I’m afraid to leave my home. I feel like my every move is being watched.”

“I haven’t done anything to anyone so it’s scary. I keep thinking that they will come after me again,” she added.

She believes putting her story in the media may somehow help put a stop to the attacks.

“After four months I’m tired and want it out there because if he kills me who would tell my story? I feel like maybe if it’s on the news it will scare him off me,” she said.

Asked if she knows of anyone who would have any motive to attack her, she said: “No, I don’t actually. Guys do trouble me but I’m guessing it’s someone I probably turned down or something. Since I hit the person a few times I was hoping to see someone with a bruised face but so far I haven’t.”

Asked why she hasn’t moved since she fears for her life, she replied: “Well we (she and her boyfriend) are looking for somewhere now. We working on it because I’m no longer comfortable there. Four months but it’s not like it was happening every night. It’s once in a while I saw the person. It started four months ago but I never said every day and since it’s gotten to the point where someone attacked me outside, we decided to move.”


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  2. Seriously concerned you must be peeping Tom's,report never said anything about climbing a tree,but you did,I think we has our peeper.and further more even if this over weight women in picture window is not real one,she still needs to pull the curtain,even if she on third floor.who needs to see a BUTT that ugly.


  3. Stop standing in window BUTT naked and you will be fine,no body in right mind would look at that butt anyway


  4. cause most people aside from this lady don't stand BUTT naked in window unless they are a pervert themselves,,this how she get her sexual high for the day.putting on a free show.


    • How do u know she was butt naked and standing by the window?? And since when does someone have to always be fully clothed in the privacy of their own room? You must be the peeper for real. .but come again cuz this time the angels will be waiting..


  5. I had a peeping Tom n u know it was my close friend that was doing me this all this time watching through my window but I catch him one night n I made the hole neighbour know it was him


  6. As a Matter of fact, I think there is much more to this story than this young lady is letting out. She said that she fought back and as a result, her attacker/stalker may have been wounded in the fight.So that means his DNA might be in her possession. All she needs to do now is to offer it to the police and crime lab in St Lucia.He must have left something behind.

    I also smell a rat as something is not quite right about this whole saga. Why didn't she report the matter to the police in the first instance? They say that people who do bad to you are always those close to you.Perhaps this woman knows the culprit but is too ashamed to reveal his identity as he may be related to someone that is friends with her. Afterall Praslin is a small community on the Atlantic coast. How can you fight the attacker and not get a good description of him?

    The whereabouts of her boyfriend should be probed and looked into.Maybe he was trying to scare her to ascertain whether she loves him. Men the world over do things like this especially if they believe that their girlfriend is cheating on them.There is something really fishy about this story and sure smells like fish. If I was investigating this I know where I would be looking for leads. This ain't sitting quite right. The police need to question her as it's normal procedure when it comes to investigating crimes. The boyfriend and every other male in Praslin should be seen as a suspect until they are eliminated from inquiries.The police should leave no stones unturned.The answers lie closer to home I'm afraid. The Marco is lurking nearby and will surprise many in the community.Good luck in apprehending him.


    • Your contribution is based on speculation. You are making things up in your head.


      • Read the contents carefully before you rattle on- Perhaps if You did you would have a different opinion.Read the lines fella.


    • My dear.. CSI must be going crazy without you on their team, cuz you seem to have it all figured out.. But guess what you don't know shit.. You speak of DNA, you really think the St Lucian police are equipped for all that? They responded very quickly and that was great but all they did was talk n ask if she wants to go to the hospital.. And they even advised Her to walk with a knife and stab the person next time.. And at 7.30 at night Who would ever think someone would be there waiting to do them something.. And as for the boyfriend, leave him out of your twisted mind cuz he is a hard working Man and ain't as sick as u make him out to people will never know what its like unless yourl in the situation yourselves, which is very bad because there are some genuinely Good ppl out there being harassed by some sick sick people.. And the downstairs neighbor is One of the greatest people there is,, cuz forma hum to be all the way in vft and leave to come to her aid.. That's a good neighbor.. We need some more of those in this our sick lil island.. So if u have nothing good to say pal just SHUT UP!!!


      • How do you know all these things? Not unless you are personally involved or knows the culprit. In all criminal cases, the first people to be questioned are family members or people close to the victim.You go on to say that the boyfriend isn't involved. How do you know that? Are you his alibi? How do you know what was said to the woman by the police? I find it hard to believe that the police would utter such words. The police have a right to protect the citizens of the land and would never ask anyone to take the law into their own hands by telling this woman to walk with a knife and to stab the suspect. That is utterly absurd and ridiculous and contrary to reason and common sense.

        No police force would ask people to walk with weapons unless they are being given permission by the state to do so.This statement is at best laughable and at worst preposterous. Your information is of a biased and misleading nature. If this woman or anyone else for that matter were to walk with a weapon on them then they will be brought to book.Unless you can offer a logical explanation you will leave the police with no alternative but to detain you.
        You seem to be privy to so much information that has not been released to the public which leads me to believe that only someone who was involved in the commission of this crime would have such knowledge. Perhaps you should go to the police and give them the name of the suspect, but then again you could be the suspect. In that case, you either put up or shut up.


        • No dear.. I'm not the culprit... I'm the victim.. Reason why I know so much.. And yes the police did tell me since the person is watching me, walk with a knife so if he tries to attack me again, stab him.. And I've taken his advise.. Now I walk with it every where I go.. You don't know how Bad it was n the officers saw how horrible I looked so they gave me that advice and I'm glad I did.. So don't be so quick to get at me.. I guess people will always say what they want and to be honest i don't even care.. As long as I know i told the truth.. And I'm proud of myself for fighting him off, getting the strength to even when all the punches in my head had me dazed.. I thank God for life.. I feel bad for some of the people who are making rude comments and being all judgemental.. Wait till it's you,ur sister, ur child, ur mom, ur woman it happens to, then let's see you people sing a different song.. I wouldn't wish that not even on my worst enemy... But such is life.. Until then..


  7. why did you choose to go out alone, when you know you have a stalker, or why didn't you go together with the neighbor downstairs. I know you were worried about the noise or if it was the dog, but, I mean I would have my knife with me if I'm going and check something . Its an unfortunate incident but its good that you fought strong , but didn't have time see his face. he needs to be caught. this tree needs to be cut down or clear off branches.


    • Well said my suspicions on the always happens when he's not around...hmmm..something's not right live in fear since it happened first time u didn't report the matter...?? But yet you go outside thinking it may have been your landlady's dog..?? should.have remained inside and call the police indicating to them someone's trying to get into your place!! Not right!! Do hope this is settled.


  8. My lady have no mercy on this bastard please any day get some people relatives whoever it may be and all of y'all just lay in wait for that asshole when he strikes go and take him. I urge you to not call the police stab him in both eyes he will never peep again and bury him alive. End of discussion.


  9. this is bull thats y crime will never stop. someone cant be making people live in fear like this in their own home. that peeping tom rapist need a good gun shot in his mc.