Praslin man bitten by venomous snake in stable condition

Praslin man bitten by venomous snake in stable condition
Not actual photo of snake which bit Winston.
Not actual photo of snake which bit Winston.

The Praslin man who was bitten by a snake at his farm on Monday, September 8 is now in a stable condition at Victoria Hospital.

William Celestin’s condition has improved over the past couple of hours, the man’s daughter Portia Edmunds, told St Lucia News Online (SNO) yesterday.

“He is doing much better his blood pressure was a little high, but he is doing okay. The pain has subsided due to the medication they are giving him I guess. So I can say he is doing a lot better. The doctors have monitored him and have not seen anything so far, so we are hoping for the best,” Edmunds added.

Edmunds said her father was given an anti-venomous shot, but doctors are still monitoring his situation. Celestin was attending to his farm when he was bitten.

Celestin may have been bitten by a Fer-de-lance snake, the most venomous snakes on island. The 62-year-old farmer had told relatives that the snake was about six feet long.

The concerned woman had told SNO that her father was later transferred to the Victoria Hospital (VH) in Castries where he received treatment since there was no anti-venom treatment at St. Jude Hospital. According to doctors, the delay in treatment may affect Celestin’s internal organs, Edmunds added.

Snake bite was the cause of two deaths in St. Lucia in recent times.

It is advised that snake bite victims who are without any immediate help to restrict movement, keep the affected area below heart level, as this may reduce the flow of the venom. They are also advised to remove any jewelry or any item that might contribute to the swelling of the affected area.

Most importantly, do not apply any tourniquet, or cold compresses to the snake bite.

Victims should also not attempt to suck the venom by mouth, cut in to the wound with any knife or razor, or take anything by mouth.

If the area of the bite begins to swell and change colour, the snake was probably poisonous and persons should seek medical attention immediately.


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