Prank or not, St. Lucians are not amused by two recent social media videos

Prank or not, St. Lucians are not amused by two recent social media videos

Two videos have surfaced recently on social media in which two young persons are seen removing items and running with them.

In one of the videos,  a young male removed two bottles from a shop and runs, and in the other, a young female grabs produce from a vendor’s stall and runs.

Some persons claim it is a “prank”. However, not everyone believes that.

The videos have captured the attention of a number of public officials and figures. One of them is well-known crime investigator, Sergeant Shervon Matthew who posted his own video to warn persons to stop the act, whether it is a prank or not.

In his one-and-half-minute video, Matthew said he had the opportunity to view the videos between last night and this morning. He went on to say that he is not sure if the acts are real or a prank but he is encouraging those doing it to stop because it is “not right”.

Matthew said if the acts are real, the persons involved are committing the offence of stealing.

He said: “I don’t know if it’s real, I don’t know if it’s a prank but whatever it is I am enourageing persons who do that to stop it. It’s not right.

“You actually committing the offence of stealing. Stealing is taking someone’s property without their consent and it’s a criminal offence and you could be arrested for it.

“I could go as far as saying that you may end up doing it to the wrong person, you may end up doing it to somebody who doesn’t think it’s a joke and your life could be in danger.

“Let’s say for instance you do that to someone who has a licensed firearm and that person retaliates by opening fire at you, what would be the outcome? Whoever you all are, whoever is doing those videos nd spreading it, please stop, please, please, please sto. I am begging you to please stop,” Matthew urged.

The cop said he re-posted the videos so members of the public could see what he is talking about.

In response, two young persons claimed the videos are pranks.

“Shoot my ass for what? When the whole thing was planned lmao …,” one person wrote.

The other stated: “It’s a prank & they ask for permission before they do anything lool.”

Human rights activist Felicia Browne does not think the videos are funny.

She shared Matthew’s post and wrote: “Hey Children of Saint Lucia. Stop this. It is illegal and there is no humor in this. The market vendor deserves Respect and Dignity.”

The majority of the persons who responded to Matthew’s post are in agreement with him.

One Tamara Joseph wrote: “God forbid it goes wrong and they get hurt or even worst end up dead then everyone will say it was a joke. Stop this nonsense. what is entertaining about this?…Nothing absolutely nothing.”

One Irvin Springer also wrote: “But these young people stupid . If it is not a prank then they are recording themselves commiting crimes. We live in a society where everyone knows everybody so the Police cannot identify these kids ?? Oh crap I forgot in Saint Lucia the Police are not proactive but reactive do a report has to be made first.”


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  1. One of the realities of these "pranks" is that these young people who "entertain" themselves with these Prank videos have no idea what tomorrow will bring them.

    For example, if I had to hire someone, and one of these pranksters show up for an interview to be hired - and I have seen their prankish video, would I hire them? I don't think so.

    In the USA (, AFVTV, etc) where "prank videos" are "legally" done - are done by professionals, who have to sign all kinds of legal documents, with disclaimers of all kinds ... are our local "pranksters" aware of implications, recourse, and other reactions to their stupidity?

    Sorry young people - not impressive!!


  2. These kids do all sorts of crap for popularity and attention. Instead you go and wash your mother dishes that's what you using you innovation for??? Dumb ass child. Me her mother she would get so much boonk gang with guava whip! Imitating a criminal offense??? You need a plock child


  3. St. Lucians are too sensitive for such pranks. Soon someone will pull out a knife or cutlass on pranksters.


  4. People taking this so seriously. Anything that even hints of novelty in this country is shut down by the book-less masses. It reminds me of when the show, "Lucians". A wildly successful TV show was shut down for being too popular, entertaining and original. Can we not have a laugh? Why is it wrong to smile in St. Lucia?


    • Apparently you have no idea what novelty is or what constitutes 'funny'. We need to get our young people more actively engaged in creative concepts that allows them the opportunity to develop new ideas that can be used in a more effective way. The only thing funny about those videos is to even think that people consideredthen entertaining.
      Further, we need to learn what can and should be posted online and what should remain private and among our personal circle. There are consequences to to every action and our young people need to be taught to be more responsible with social media.


      • It's the middle of summer. They are on vacation. People don't work 24/7. Not even adults work 24/7. If you don't find this harmless you clearly can't discern reality from fantasy. This is probably why the Royalton Hotel hires half their workers from outside St. Lucia. God forbid you see one of the guest's children at play and you think they are a threat to you and you scare them off.


        • Fantasy ... it is coool!
          Reality .. it is not cool, when you have to face people who have seen your face doing dumbass stupidity!! There is the law, and there is The Law!! For every action there are consequences!!


  5. i have two things to say one is all bs these children see from america they want to do it. they see people doing pranks overseas they want to do it to, all nonsense they see they wnt to do.

    second as bad as it might be to do. these pranks might be staged or as a person said asked permission just so they can make a funny video.

    i can just go up to a vendor and tell them i want to record a joke and tell them what am about to do and if they agree just do it cause in one of the videos you can see the vendor laughing as the girl run with the banana .

    sometimes the girl well pay for her banana and we dont know cause tht part was not recorded so it might look like she just steal it and also we dont even know if the persons that are doing this are even related in these videos but there are some fools out there that will see this and want to do it also and they no way related to the person or even asked that permission to do what they about to do so then that is where it becomes technical


  6. If permission is granted no big deal. If the items have not been returned then that's a different story.


    • I'm just see this leading to copy-cats...who will not be getting "permission" and that wouldn't be nice for anyone involved....


  7. look at all those a..holes following a guy named boonk.just go check his videos on you tube. dont worry when boonk gets shot and killed they will stop. stop follow these stupid americans


  8. Wow why would someone steal something and video tape themselves simply a prank the vendor was laughing it was all planned


  9. DON'T PLAY WITH CRIME. Do not glorify crime by playing crime games.
    As a child in our neighborhood we played "Cowboys & Crooks" we had toy
    guns that fired Amos. Then were the days of childhood innocence. Today we
    would be laughed at. Some time ago I saw the picture of a teenager showing
    off with a long gun, looking tough. Where did that come from? U.S.A. of course.


  10. Has everyone forgotten what happened at the gas station in Vige, when a TV crew forgot to tell the owner what they were doing.


  11. Y'all taking things to seriously. They asked for permission to do it. The videos are for comedic purposes!


    • Was the permission in writing? And signed by a Notary Royale? The owner/vendor could change their mind in an instant!! Never take verbal agreements for granted. This is a dangerous practice.


  12. Well interview the vendors you'll will know if it is a prank or not.Now why would people want to start pranks these are the type of things that can turn joke into seriousness.The store owners can say if it is a prank or real.Youll should be praying,and doing constructive things with youll lives.Stop youll stupidity.


    • For Facebook and Youtube likes obviously....these days they all want their 15 seconds of fame


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