Praises for two ‘essential’ workers (letter)

Praises for two ‘essential’ workers (letter)

Dear Editor: I am wondering if it’s possible to highlight two very essential workers in Saint Lucia.

On Wednesday morning, I went grocery shopping at Sunny Acres, arrived at 5:30 and the line was already all the way around the supermarket.

I stayed there for almost the whole day but during that time there was an officer, PC 180 Etienne of Central Police Station, who went above and beyond. He kept walking around the supermarket, almost every hour, ensuring that everybody adhered to the six-feet rule. Also, when it started getting late, he still kept walking around telling everybody what was happening inside.

My friend and I started getting really frustrated because it was almost 4 p.m. and we knew there was a cut-off time and he came to say it. He also said something would be in place for those who didn’t have any time left.

I just couldn’t do that again: stand in a line for another eight hours. And he went in, and I have no idea what he did or who he spoke to, but he came back and said to us that every single person in the line would shop today.

The managers then extended shopping time for two more hours. I want to thank him.

Also whilst in the line with no food and water — because it was so early when we left home and we couldn’t enter the supermarket — this lady with a pink shirt came circling around with a white car, giving everybody who wanted a glass of water. I am also thankful.

These two people were very essential. It was greatly appreciated. I am not sure if it’s news but I would really like to highlight these people.

— AJ


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