UPDATED: “Power of social media” praised in swift recovery of stolen vehicle and arrest (see video)

UPDATED: “Power of social media” praised in swift recovery of stolen vehicle and arrest (see video)

(SNO) – Police on Friday arrested at least one male and recovered a stolen motor vehicle – within 24 hours after the vehicle was snatched from a Morne, Castries residence during a robbery while several persons slept, according to reports.

Acting on a tip-off that the stolen red Mitsubishi Lancer was spotted being driven in La Clery, Castries, police went into action.

Soon after, they intercepted the car in Bois d’ Orange, Gros Islet near the incomplete Daher Mall building, around 6:30 p.m. A brief video recording of uniformed officers carrying out the interception was obtained by our newsroom.

A source told St. Lucia News Online (SNO) that the Lancer was stolen from the driveway of a Morne residence between Thursday night and 2 a.m. Friday.

But it was no ordinary theft.

Before the car was taken, the culprit or culprits broke into the residence and stole a television and other items while four persons were asleep in the house.

“The mother heard a noise and came out and saw the TV was gone and realised what had happened,” the source said.

The owner of the vehicle then used social media, Whatsapp and Facebook, to broadcast the theft – an increasingly common method nowadays.

The owner “rejoiced” after learning the vehicle was recovered, the source disclosed.

“Persons reported seeing the car in La Clery. Not long after that he was apprehended,” the source said.

“My friend used the power of social media – Whatsapp and Facebook – and the car was retrieved in 24 hours. That’s awesome.”



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  1. wow thats the second vehicle they stole from the morne,
    thats bull shit man the people in their home with their things you want to break in and take it plus steal their car smdh. go and work for urs to and stop red eye people things


  2. Happy for the owner(s) after being violated twice. Fortunately, they had the presence of mind to use a tool at their fingertips. Best of luck to the family, and hope further information is gathered to arrest the remaining scum.


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