POST MORTEM RESULTS: “Toxic ingestion” killed Justin; investigations continue

POST MORTEM RESULTS: “Toxic ingestion” killed Justin; investigations continue

Stanislaus JustinA post mortem examination done yesterday (Nov. 24) on 48-year-old Stanislaus Justin, aka Shat, who reportedly drank a poisonous substance by accident, has revealed that his death was caused by “respiratory failure/respiratory muscle paralysis due to “toxic ingestion”.

No foul play is suspect “at this time” based on the post mortem results and information gleaned from recorded statements, reliable sources have told St. Lucia News Online (SNO).

“There is no reason to suspect at this time that it’s a homicide, but we are still conducting further investigations,” one of the sources told SNO on Wednesday.

SNO understands that samples from Justin’s body are likely to be sent for further testing against the substance found in the bottle that he drank.

After drinking from the bottle, Justin reportedly began to cough before collapsing in the yard of his Fond Assau house at about 6:30 p.m. last Sunday. He was pronounced dead after an ambulance came to his aid.

Neighbours and relatives have told SNO that Justin is reported to have ingested liquid from a ‘coke’ bottle, thinking it was a “chaser” in alcohol, but the liquid turned out to be a “weedicide”.

Police sources confirmed that a ‘coke’ bottle with substance was retrieved from the area Justin collapsed.

Justin was a construction worker and father of four children.

He was originally from Millet,  but moved to Babonneau some 10 years ago, according to relatives.


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  1. that thing is tooo strange , if he did indeed didnt commit suicide then they way i see it is two things 1. someone gave him that bottle as some mischief or 2. he already had that bottle and forgot it had weedicide in it. i would wonder where did he get that bottle from


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