Post-mortem result for man shot by police at Marigot revealed

Post-mortem result for man shot by police at Marigot revealed
Yves Rene (blue top)
Yves Rene (blue top)

PRESS RELEASE – A post mortem was conducted upon the body of Yves Rene, a thirty nine (39) year old resident of Fond Mange, Marigot, who succumbed to injuries sustained during a shooting incident involving the police, on Sunday, January 8, 2017.

The post mortem examination, conducted by Dr. Stephen King, revealed that Yves Rene died as a result of brain and neck injury secondary to shot gun injury.

This was the third homicide for the year 2017.


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  1. Officers are not trained to fire warning shots. Using your firearm is your last resort, but only if your life or those around you are in danger.


  2. This cop will be suspended with pay and after the investigation from an independent body he will be fired and charged and put in protective custody in prison.


    • Using excessive force is certainly not doing our job, especially in an instance like this when the victim posed no immediate threat to persons around him. He could have been shot in the leg instead. But I guess you won't see it that way, well at least, not until it hits your "doorstep".


  3. We have no facts but condemn the police. What if a warning shot was fired and he happened to run in the that direction at thqt time. Was he not asked to put his hands up on a wall. Why did everyone listen but him. Why?. What did he have to hide?.hmmmm. learn facts before speaking crap. The officer is by no.means mad. Why do the police not target me?...because i follow the laws of the land. Stop making excuses for the very people who rob, rape, steal,kill and feel not one ounce of sorrow for it. The police officers did their job the best way they could. The full REAL story will be given. The facts!!!!.


    • You doing the same thing you acussing others of doing, cause its a police shooting you are asumming that the dude deserved to with any murder this should be thoroughly investigated and the perp should face justice. How can you hold the police to a lower standards than criminals?


    • Really....should've really been your closest relative,lets hear you sing that same song.....on another note u sound like a another uneducated police......


    • Kim, I totally agree. The police are exposed to potential violence every day, and deal with it accordingly.


  4. You criminals better watch it the cops going strictly for head shots these days no more. Body or leg shots.


  5. It is amazing how some of you have tried, judged and condemned the Cop before hearing
    the case. I don't think any cop is crazy enough to draw a gun and shoot at any one without
    a cause. On the flip side, how many times in the last few weeks many of us have been lamenting
    of the heavy crime rate on the Island? so some one got shot, and people crying murder. Choups.


  6. If this is the third Homicide for the year, does that mean that the person who committed it will be caught and brought to justice? As it's a police shooting will said RSLPF officer be charged with murder?


    • It is a homicide which means the matter will be investigated and yes it has to be investigated, statements taken from witnesses on the scene and if there is reasonable grounds to prove that the police acted wrongly and in this case, from all eyewitness accounts the man was running away from the scene posing no threat to the police when he was shot by the police in the head. The police should be charged and taken before the court


    • Let me understand this. Mr. Y is stopped during a SECURITY search. First, refuses to put his hands up. Next, flees the lineup without being search. Next, peeking behind a shanty for the whereabout of the officer.

      If you think the officer is guilty, try doing that if you are ever overseas and you are stopped by police or army. The result would put a brilliant end to your stupidity.


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