Post-mortem result for man severely burnt at St. Jude Highway revealed

Post-mortem result for man severely burnt at St. Jude Highway revealed


PRESS RELEASE – A post mortem was conducted upon the body of sixty eight (68) year old Remmy Henry, a resident of St. Jude’s Highway, Vieux Fort, who was admitted previously to the St. Jude Hospital for treatment with severe burns about his body.

The post mortem conducted by Doctor Wayne Felicien, on Thursday, December 8, 2016, revealed that Remy Henry died as a result of hypovolemic shock, with 100% third degree burns to his body.

Investigations are continuing into this matter.


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  1. No one know him more than his son and family for those who play lawyer and judge and jury we know the truth . Pray those who have guilty consciences. Mr H you are loved no matter what. The truth will come to light.


  2. I'm sorry to say I find it very hard to believe that what is being told that transpired happened ,very out of character to say the least if you know him . What happened needs to be investigated from all angles starting from inside his house to any and all conflicts with his neighbors ect . This was not a random act carried out by someone it was a premeditated act made to look like it was self inflicted.I employ anyone who has any knowledge of anything may have seen something or heard something to come forward if not to the police but to the family. This has been very hard on them most of whom are not on Island an awoke to this shocking news , they deserve peace .


    • Thank you so much for posting this. I am shocked and distraught by his death. He is a man of principle and would never do that on his own accord. There is more to what actually transpired and I am sure someone knows the truth to it. I pray his soul finds peace... He was a father and a mentor to me...I am unable to move on because his death is just a tragic mystery.... But mysteries always get solved... in due time we will all know the truth...


      • Thank you. Our family is trying to piece the puzzle together. We are hearing different stories and it's hard to do anything from the states. Remy was well loved by his family, including his daughters, son, nieces and nephews and his siblings. We ask anyone that knows something to please reach out to us here in the states. If you know something please let the authorities know. We need the authorites to investigate every possible lead in this case. Our family needs to be at peace. Unfortunately many of us are not, we know the answer is out there. We beg you please come forward.


  3. Our family is trying to peace this puzzle together. Most of his immediate family does not reside on the island. If anyone has any information regarding what transpired please we beg you tell the authorities. Do nit stay silent. His death has taken a toll on our family especially his sister. Please continue to pray for the family. Thank you and God bless.


    • I'm sorry for your loss. Listen to juk bois, I'm surprised you havent heard of the 'theories' that are being published from his show.


      • Most of his immediate family resides in the states. Like his sister her children and other extended family.


        • You said immediate family but now you're saying extended family lmao what a mess. His children, brother, nieces, nephews, grandchildren, in laws and even GODCHILDREN all live in St. Lucia. So like I said, most of his family is in St. Lucia. 🙂


          • Are you part of our family? Who are you, you must have nothing better to do. Inconsiderate, ignorant person.


          • You are probably one of those who didn't care about him while he was alive and now you want to come cry your sad crocodile tears. Stay in your section my dear, he was buried and had a damn good send off WITHOUT his "family in the states." Have a nice day 🙂


        • Idk about being a part of your family but I'm definitely a part of his family, both by blood and by bond. I don't even know who you are, but you must be one of those who never really cared about his existence while he was alive, but suddenly became so close to him after death.


          • To the two people who left comments above. I am his eldest daughter, shame on you to say such nonsense on a public website. All of his family attended the funeral with my father whether it was in person or in spirit. Sadly no everyone could attend in person. My father was well loved by his whole family. I don't know who you are, I will say you are no part of my family on either side, and if you are then surely you have my contact information. Feel free to contact me or any of his family in the states if you have an issue. Move along and take your ignorant comments somewhere else.


  4. 100% third degree burns about his body??? smh...
    .there was no house fire or any sighs of a fire whatsoever


  5. This man was talking while at the hospital an account from her eldest daughter. My question is, if he was able to speak were the doctors able to find out what transpired that lead him to set himself ablaze? Given the fact that is an extreme form of punishment, it would be proper to get more clues on what happened. Remy could not just kill himself given his background. Was there a conflict at his residence?

    3 am in the morning. what time did the ambulance come on the scene and what measures did the son and wife took to assist him?
    there's a lot of missing links in this case.


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