Post-mortem result for Jacmel homicide victim

Post-mortem result for Jacmel homicide victim


PRESS RELEASE – On Monday, February 08, 2016 a post mortem was conducted on the body of 22 year old, Anthony Modeste alias “Urias” of Jacmel, Anse La Raye.

The examination revealed that he died as a result of hemorrhagic shock secondary to multiple gunshot wounds to the chest and head.

Investigations continue into this matter.


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  1. Every post modem - the same results come out corresponding to what took place. They could just give me that job and I will tell them what caused the death.


  2. You live by the sword and you die by it. These young people in St Lucia are just USELESS. He was an alleged thief.

    They will still vote Kenny Anthony despite their poverty situation. No work, drugs and laziness.

    That's what this party entertains and worst for the youth of St Lucia.



    • Please stop allowing your ignorance to show. No government can't stop or prevent crime and the low life that causes them. There will always be criminals, thieves, murderers, trouble makers will always find a way to do nonsense.


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