Post-mortem confirms Morne Du Don man died of poisoning

Post-mortem confirms Morne Du Don man died of poisoning

Bottle of Poison

PRESS RELEASE – On Thursday, October 8, 2015 a post mortem was conducted on the body of 44 year old O’Brian Antoine of Morne Du Don, Castries.

The examination revealed that Antoine died as a result of multiple organ failure due to ingestion of a poisonous substance.

Investigations are continuing into this matter.


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  1. Come on now.... like he was forced to drink it .... now its time to find his killers that is more important because we have killers on the lose... this can happen again to someone let get to the real issue here


  2. Why is there any need for lacerations or marks of violence on his body to prove that he was killed? People have been forced to indulge in many crimes including rape without any other violence or marks of violence. If someone puts a knife to your kneck and tells you to pass it, wouldn't you? Gramozone or any weedicide is just as dangerous as a gun. I am sure if a man was found with a gunshot wound to his head no one including the police would think suicide. However we have the testimony of the victim saying that he was forced to drink the poison and the police are treating it as a "suspicious death?" Suspicious of what? Is it because we had a predisposition to associate guns with murder and gramozone with suicide? That predisposition is really stupid. If the man said that he was poisoned then that is the only testimony of facts that we have, any other is mere speculation. I think the police should get off their asses and investigate this crime or else poisoning would be the new way to kill people. Idiots.

    I really think we should give kindergarten children to run the country cause as it seems the adults are making a mockery of intelligence


    • Raf...tell the police your facts or just stop being ignorant and stupid....u c the thing is some of us need to feel things in order to sympathize with others....the man has a family u no....wat kind of illegitimate comment is that?? It's time for us saint lucians to educate ourselves on crimes and things that these useless murderers do....the man gave his witnessing to his brother...I guess God wants to put these perpetrators to his own justice that's why this is the only info we know because trust me Brian hav enuff family to wana get rid of those in essence, God's way is better than ours....


  3. Exactly Realist that post mortem is only the physiological mechanism of death. What about the cause and manner of death. No report on that


  4. This is terrible, no matter what wrong this poor man did, even if he didnt, the scum that did this need to face serious justice, why, why, why force a man to drink poison, the perpetrators will surely rot in hell for this. They can run, they can hide but guilt will get them and they will suffer for the rest of their days and then some.


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