Post-mortem confirms “Bowcha” died from stab wound

Post-mortem confirms “Bowcha” died from stab wound


DEAD: Marcus Nelson.

PRESS RELEASE – Police are investigating the circumstances surrounding the death of 42 year old, Marcus Nelson alias “Bowcha” of Morne Repos Hill, Laborie.

On Tuesday, January 5, 2016 about 6: 30p.m. Nelson was discovered motionless in a supine position, on the verge of a road in Morne Repos Hill. His body had what appeared to be a puncture wound to the chest and a near severed right wrist.

He was pronounced dead on the scene by a medical doctor.

A post mortem examination conducted on the body of Nelson revealed that he died as a result of carcinogenic and hemorrhagic shock due to a stab wound to the chest.

This is the second homicide for the year 2016.


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  1. i researched and i think they mean cardiogenic shock, was wondering how blood loss was cancerous smh..... Police press office really??? RIP, to the individual who lost his life. those who kill their brothers and sisters like animals, do not walk with the Lord and shall be judged in due time.


  2. I understand and agree with your outrage BUT the people keep voting for the same useless MP's who don't do anything, they are in a COMFORT zone of security provided by the voters who are seduced by their sweet talk. WHY oh WHY not vote for them on the RESULT's they show!? and then we have the Human Right's Lawyers who quickly come to the AID and Rescue of those Perpetrator's who DON'T care for the LAW of the LAND, while we have to pay for legal counsel. Anyway, these things are happening in every country around the world at a fast pace and ONLY the TRUE GOD can sort this mess out.


  3. Rest in Peace Marcus. You came to mind just last week and this news hit me hard. I know you are in a better place today. Gods richest blessing upon you and your family. Rest in perfect peace my youth.


  4. If we do not stop these homicides then we will be known as a country where life is cheap. I trust that the faceless monsters who brutally take human life will be apprehended and convicted.


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