CARIBBEAN: Popular dancehall artiste Gully Bop feuding with fiancee on video (video in story)

CARIBBEAN: Popular dancehall artiste Gully Bop feuding with fiancee on video (video in story)

2015-12-29 14_29_40-(2) Arabian-Sultan ElliottPopular Jamaican dancehall artiste Gully Bop and his well-known fiancee Miss Chin are currently experiencing more than a little trouble in their relationship as video surfaced showing what seems to be the two in a showdown at their former shared home.

A total of three video surfaced with one showing Miss Chin locked in a car and calling for help as Gully Bop prowled outside. In the video Miss Chin claimed that Gully Bop was trying to kill her and that she was going to report him to the police.

In the other two videos Gully Bop gave his side of the story, accusing Miss Chin of cheating on him, spending his money and locking him out of his own home. In both videos Gully Bop appeared to have suffered a head injury as he claimed Miss Chin attacked him while he was trying to get into the house.

Miss Chin later told the Jamaica Observer that she was at the Constant Spring Police Station filing a report against the artiste.

Gully Bop rose to fame in late 2014 when a video of him voicing a song he wrote went viral. He soon went on to voice popular songs such as “Beg A Gal” and “Street-wise”.

See the videos below:

Miss Chin’s video:

Gully Bop Videos:

pop a real youth….

Posted by Arabian-Sultan Elliott on Tuesday, December 29, 2015

jah know lil bit ofter me an the bop dun bill a vybz … an the man seh him a go up a him yard chin rush di an lick him ina head with a pad lock.. jah know star

Posted by Arabian-Sultan Elliott on Tuesday, December 29, 2015


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    Dirty ass bitches all they wany is material things. You day is coming what goes around comes around.


  2. To Jamaican singers are not singing from a true god point of view. There has always been that wolves in a sheep clothing concept with these guy's for decade upon decades since Bob Marley open up an international exposure with reggae music. They don't practice enough respect towards women. Most of them started by degrading women. Another, observation is having viral footage of incidence like it is now showing the youth how a woman has been beaten or man being beaten will escalate more violence among our youth worldwide because violence across the globe are sky high. While, we should be reducing on those circumstances that can teach young people how to go about bashing another person to death. Viral stuff's should be assess properly before placing them on thee media. What do we hope to achieved with such incidence being raw as it is on our news? There should be measures in place when it comes to such violence issues. You want to controlled something when you are showing us how it's being done. How can violence stop? This world is in a mess. Studies upon studies not getting us any where except by making money and show off.


  3. What a mess and this is one of the characters you want your kids to grow up listening too. Oh well that country is a mess already no more words. Sound of music!


  4. Did his fiancée kick out his teeth??????? ?????lmao! You making money dude clean up yourself! Get some dentures man!!!!!!


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