Pope compares abortion to the hiring of a ‘paid killer’

Pope compares abortion to the hiring of a ‘paid killer’
Pope Francis
Pope Francis

(AFP) — Pope Francis reiterated Saturday that abortion is unacceptable, saying its use amounted to the hiring of a “paid killer.”

“Is it lawful to eliminate a human lift to resolve a problem? It is lawful to hire a paid killer to resolve a problem,” Francis asked during a conference at the Vatican on the use of abortion when the unborn child is found to have a serious illness.

“No human being can ever be incompatible with life,” he said, adding: “Every child is a gift that changes the history of a family… and this child needs to be welcomed, loved and cared for.”

In cases where the child may not live for very long, medical care is not wasted but by gaining time, allows parents to prepare for the death.

“That child will remain in their lives forever,” he said.

Pope Francis used similar “paid killer” remarks in relation to abortion in October 2018, sparking a sharp reaction in medical circles.


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  1. The Pope‘s comment which liken abortion to the hiring of a ‘paid killer ‘is inflammatory. It reflects how out of touch he is from the reality of people’s lives; their anguish, pain and hopelessness. For some women who have been raped, and traumatized further by an unwanted pregnancy, an abortion is the only solution that can minimize this tragic situation. Has he forgotten, there were women who could not get medical abortion and their mental and physical health suffered? Does he want to take women back to the past where they attacked their wombs with all kind of implements causing sepsis which eventually killed them and if they survived it was with the loss of their wombs and they were psychologically damaged unable to function in society? Or does he want women to return to backstreets to the services of unskilled and unhygienic people who put their lives in peril.

    From the sanctity of the pulpit a fool can say anything which others would accept unthinkingly.


  2. We need to save the world from these hedonistic women who lack morals and remorse. Men, its time to rise up and claim your rightful place as the leader of the home. Do not allow women to be the sole decision makers for your chilsren, be there for your children. Women are not capable of successfully raising a child on their own. Dont let it be about them, it should be about the best interest of your child. Mean lead with logic, emotional men are women. Men do not use emotions to make important decisions in life. ITs time to forgive your mothers and let go all the anger felt towards them for having you out of wedlock.

    Women cannot be allowed to take the life of a baby in the womb for selfish reasons of convenience. What they are doing is murder and god has warmed man about allowing them to be in control.

    Rape and incent accoutn for less than 1% of all abortions. DO not listen to the lies, they all use the same excuse. Do not be fooled. The devil is attacking us through women. Be strong men.


  3. Every child is a gift from God? This guy is a relic from the past! If a woman is raped . . . Is that a gift from God? If a child is molested by her father . . . Is this a gift from God? Some "Christian utterances can be callous and unsympathetic! And it's mostly men making these pronouncements.


    • On a certain radio station, this was the topic. Most callers into the program believed that good can from bad, therefore rapedwomen should not abort the resultant fetus. We're all soft in the f**kin heads. Why should a CHILD be forced to carry a fetus?


      • Honestly, I thought this mindset was gone , coming from the group that believe in keeping secret that the rape /molestation of little boys and girls . I am sorry I don’t base my faith and closeness to god on any mofo walking this earth . God has empowered us the a brain to think independently . That fool talking that crap ain’t no different from any third world politician and not just all the religions.


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