Poor air quality at work getting Saint Lucia HIA immigration officers sick

Poor air quality at work getting Saint Lucia HIA immigration officers sick

(SNO) – Police Commissioner Severin Moncherry said following preliminary investigations it has been confirmed that some immigration officers stationed at the Hewannora International Airport (HIA) were genuinely sick and required medical attention last week, due to poor air quality at work.

The officers, about six officers, had complained of skin irritation and respiratory issues.

Moncherry said the officers have received medical attention and are back on the job while the authorities conduct further investigations.

“I spoke to the sergeant in charge, and based on the individuals’ history, it would appear that it was a genuine case of persons actually being sick,” Moncherry told reporters this week.

“I met with the Airport Manager Mr. Lynden Leonce, and an air quality test was done the very same night. We’ve gotten the preliminary reports and there seems to be some issue down there that is being dealt with,” the commissioner added.

Poor air quality has been cited as one of the major problems.

Moncherry explained: “It would appear that there were some documents that were being stored at the office and that has been removed, so we are pushing for another air quality test to be done, and then we are moving from there. All of the officers, they they sought medical and got medical attention and they are back on the job. So in the meantime, like I said, we have since removed the documents. And we are looking forward to the other air quality test being done, and then we moving from there.”

Officials said renovation works at the department are expected to solve the problem. In the meantime, the officers are patiently waiting for the commencement and conclusion of those works.


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