POLL: Where do you get your local news?

POLL: Where do you get your local news?

Most market researches are focused on the general consumption of international e-sources or the consumption of local news, information and entertainment excluding local online news source/s, but St. Lucia News Online would like to get info on the consumption of news from ALL local news sources, including magazines, newspapers, television, radio, and websites.

St. Lucia News Online is asking members of the public to tell us in the poll below where they consume LOCAL news on a daily/weekly basis?

We would love to hear from you.

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  1. We should also note that more people (working class who have more disposable income) have access to the internet (mobile or otherwise) from 8am to 6pm than any other medium.

    Most people DO NOT have radio or TV in their office. More people have access to the laptop and their mobile phones for news during these hours.

    When there is breaking news - local or international - people log onto the internet first, the majority of times.

    While Facebook is the most popular website visited in St. Lucia and most Caribbean countries, the majority of these St. Lucian Facebook visitors access St. Lucia News Online on Facebook (which links to this website) for news on a daily, sometimes hourly basis.

    SNO's Facebook page at one point reached almost half a million people around the world (during the US Presidential elections).

    From a fan base of over 15,000 people, we reach hundreds of thousands each week.

    TV, radio and the Internet are the most popular sources of news and information in most countries in the Western Hemisphere.

    Newspaper and magazine readership are on the decline everywhere. Even the blind knows that.


  2. But please remember that by asking this question on the internet, "Internet" is bound to come out top.


    • Majority of surveys now are done electronically. Can't remember the last time someone called my phone or stopped me on the road and gave me a questionnaire. And when they do nowadays, companies use samples of a few people to speak on behalf of an entire nation. The fact is the majority of people on island - young and old - have internet access more than anything else so that's the best place to reach them. I've seen people done similar surveys on radio and television stations and do not include Internet because they know the Internet would be number one. I will also be going out and doing my survey.


  3. Please note that I receive news from multiple sources daily. Your questionnaire allows for only one answer.


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