Politically correct and sane

Politically correct and sane
Dr. Andre R. L. Matthew MD. * Photo credit: The Star (St. Lucia)
Dr. Andre R. L. Matthew MD. * Photo credit: The Star (St. Lucia)

(PRESS RELEASE) – Many in attendance at last Sunday’s protest march, were disheartened and stunned. Fear mongering, calumny and character assassination were in abundance. Disappointingly, in this era of tribal politics, this seems to be the new norm.

For decades, many learned and talented citizens have cowered from national service, fearful that their sins would be exposed before a national audience.

Fellow St. Lucians, how can we build our nation, while destroying each other? Remember, we the people, are Saint Lucia!

Political party leaders, it is within your mandate to repudiate hate! A battle of ideas, opinions and perspectives, respectful of human dignity, defines the healthy politics our island nation desperately needs.

Dear Honorable Prime Minister and Honorable Leader of the Opposition, insist that party members use political platforms, talk shows and press releases to edify, inspire and educate.

In so doing, we will advance national pride, community, love of neighbor; and make St. Lucia, the Helen of the West Indies, once more.

– Dr. Andre R. L. Matthew MD
Concerned Citizen


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  1. I agree that we should uphold good behaviour in Politics. However Dr. Dre I have not heard your views on any of the decisions made by the chastanet lead administration, Let's start there. You promote the 'I Am Beautiful' campaign to instill self worth in our youth, yet never heard you once commented on the Dishonourable Ubaldus's behaviour. I was proud of you once. Please do't be another Rick Wayne. Do not mislead the youth. Come back to your senses.

    If the freedom fighters paid attention to cowards , just remember you would not be enjoying the freedom you have today.

    You went to Cuba on an scholarship awarded to you by the SLP government, even though your family is known to be UWP strong. This is an indication the SLP is for the people.

    Tough luck to the haters.


  2. Why don't you tell us about that position to teach in the medical school they want to use St. Judes as. You have not seen country but party from day one and how you can get your cut.... I expected better because you wore the national flag on your back, and should know that it is always country first. We are watching yoi play the game of chess pretty well Dr. Matthew.....


  3. Well said... I applaud you. Instead of focusing on the good, some 'Saint' Lucian are only spreading hate ! ..

    Do we even know the definition of Saint?


  4. i have heard a lot of the "millennium" generation speak of "voting for country" or, that they are for the country and not for party. How sad is that, not for the millenniums, but for their disillusion in the politicians. This generation are truly disgusted by the antics and manners of political party members. Honestly, I do not blame them, as their number in intelligence far outnumbers the illiterate (whom the politicians pander to). When, and it is high time, that the politicians wake up and be "in the current times" and stop insulting the general public.




    • Idiots get the highest acclaim in Saint Lucia. The more political noise you make, the more famous you become and are upheld as a god. Where ignorance is bliss ....


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