Political protest underway in Gros Islet

Political protest underway in Gros Islet


A group of supporters of the United Workers Party (UWP) and its candidate, Lenard ‘Spider’ Montoute, are currently protesting outside the Human Resource Development Centre in Gros Islet.

The group’s protest started minutes before MP for Gros Islet and Minister of Commerce, Emma Hippolyte, arrived around 5 p.m., to meet with residents to discuss works at the facility.

Hippolyte had said in a statement on May 6, 2016 that funding was secured from the Republic of China (Taiwan) for its completion and noted it could take some six months before it is opened.

But the protesters are upset that the MP and her government have now decided to complete what had started by the previous government in 2011, through an initiative of Montoute.

Hippolyte had listed some projects which include, the construction of the Gros Islet Preschool and the Gros Islet Market and Council Office, as some of the works she has done in the constituency.

The UWP Gros Islet branch fired back, urging Hippolyte to desist from claiming these projects.

The proposed Gros-Islet Human Resource Development Centre, which will consist of two levels, will feature conference facilities, a concession area, office space, a restaurant facility with on-street access, and a state-of-the-art theatre consisting of 500 retractable seats.



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  1. Spider should go and protest the smugglers cove project on behalf of St. Lucians and stop bothering Emma.


  2. Trying to take credit for what you had no hand whatsoever either in shaping or influencing the outcome? Some people can stoop so low in trying to rob other people. That is unconscionable deceit. That is what the SLP is most famous for. Everything these people do, what out, they lying about something.
    Here is a list:
    1. Rochamel
    2. Black Bay lands
    3. Hellenites Building in New York
    4. Grynberg
    4. Lambirds
    6. CIP
    7. Jufallie
    8. Hotel construction 1000 jobs, 600 not going to Saint Lucians
    9. $100 million for jobs, jobs, jobs and we are still stuck with STEP
    10 Hospital completion and opening but they are still not open yet
    11. VAT will not negatively affect Saint Lucians, but so many businesses are closed and people committing suicide, murdering other people, even their followers are trying to kill one another for chicken legs
    12. Each candidate has a new set of lying promises coming at the public. They cannot show that they kept even one election promise from last time, but this time they have 15 PLUS with more coming each day to add to Kenny's 15 pie in the sky promises.


  3. I wonder when our people goin to realize it doh matter which MP from what ever party das in power is we d people dat suppose to gain from d projects, who cares who complete or started d project wooow stupidity an ignorance is surly what coz destruction of humanity while d political parties an their candidates keep getting away with financial glory an this can all be fixed thru proper knowledge an understanding of the power each community has thru unity


  4. Come on stop that nonsense.Spider you should never get involved in that mess.This might hurt you at the polls.




  6. Lucians wise up, did you notice Spider Montoute having public meeting with everybody except the rich and bourgeoisie from Rodney Bay, Cap Estate and Bonne Terre he having consultation with Rodney Bay, Cap Estate and Bonne Terre people at Coco Palm. I am not voting. I live at Monchy...


  7. I believe its to late for that. After 4 years nothing was done to continue this project. I also believe the people are intelligent to see that its last minute bribes leading to elections. Its a peaceful protest and the people will speak their minds on election day come June 6th 2016.


  8. Nothing but a bunch of desperate trouble makers. I was glad to see Mr Prudent of the LPM out rightly dismissing them and instead joining the ceremony on the inside. Mr Montoute and his supporters must understand that the human resource centre is for thr peoplr of Gros islet and stop their nonsense. This was so distasteful.


  9. Only now Emma. Shame on you.
    You mean Emma needed an election to get her going.


    • its not Emma who decide where the taxpayers money will be spent. Its the minister of finance (prime minister Anthony.
      Therefore you can't to blame here.


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