Political corruption kills jobs and economies

Political corruption kills jobs and economies
Melanius Alphonse
Melanius Alphonse

PRESS RELEASE – Nudge, nudge, wink, wink, how cool is that? Or is it easier not to make a decision, to better choices? Meanwhile, Saint Lucians are on the hook to pay for numerous misdeeds that have surrendered the economic dead.

Fortunately, either way you look, there is another way forward. The Lucian People’s Movement (LPM) has the real option to change the political and economic viability on the issues of importance to all Saint Lucians, including promoting jobs, growth and long-term prosperity.

This is a significant contrast to the game that bad governments like the Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) and political corruption from fringe elements of the previous government that, when combined, is reaping havoc on the people of Saint Lucia in a stone cold, unapologetic manner.

But, this won’t last for much longer.

It is no exaggeration that the next general election in Saint Lucia, in accordance with the constitution due in 2016, will be a whole new ballgame. It will be a challenge and an opportunity that puts all 17 constituencies, plus the four new constituencies, totaling 21, that are under consideration by the Constituency Boundaries and Electoral Commissions.

It will be a challenge and an opportunity for every Saint Lucian, not just for a change of face, but for a change of agenda from political corruption, institutional corruption, and a chance to look into the future with a new crystal ball towards a new dispensation.

In conversation with people about making better choices than expecting miracles, the exchange most often explains the worry of the proponents of big government, the regulators, and the dependency fanatics that derail accurate information necessary to achieve behavioural change and a different mindset. But instead, thrive on political and institutional corruption to take strategic advantage of the limited resources of state, in a false attempt to solve the many structural and socio-economic problems of Saint Lucia.

This is evident, as the promises made on paper and in the blueprint for growth by the SLP, have proven to be loose-fitting and fragile, thus exposing further issues of trust and competence. And while the lack of concern for dignity may be a case of flawed or misguided decisions that seem to appease the mendacity of elected officials in the parliament of Saint Lucia and, as stated in the LPM call for government to end diversionary political tactics in the Guy Joseph affair, it is clear that the people’s trust has been squandered and credibility thrown out the widow.

As well as the structures of government that have the obligation to design and to execute policies to assist the common man; and to act in the best interest of the state is now blurred. And it seems acting on the narrow choices propagated by stage-managed surrogates, and proxies for family interests, special interests and monopoly deals that fund incumbents’ campaigns.

Further, irrespective of the explanation for payment certificates or whatever type of paper transaction or exchange that did not result in money changing hands according to Guy Joseph; history has proven that the truth was quick to come out after the 2008-2009 financial crisis worldwide, when debt paper became guaranteed certificates of future bankruptcy. And so, without hesitation, these circumstances took away large sums of capital, changed the lives of the present and future generations, regardless of circumstances or location.

Yet, the government of Saint Lucia finds great difficulty in invoking the arm of the law to deal with “criminal acts” committed by government officials and their cronies, and proceed to prove their case in a criminal court of law.

So, why hasn’t the party of substance, the SLP, moved in that direction? Are there hiccups and nervousness about a larger problem?

Perhaps the SLP government should remind us all that, albeit their lack of a national economic plan to encourage sound business decisions that promote long-term prosperity, there is need to adjust policies and to replenish resources. Even to revamp institutions, including the cabinet of ministers, to promote fresh thinkers and to unleash creativity, to fritter away political indiscretion.

But my doubts somehow strike this stance as a dead issue, if the parliamentary representative for Soufriere, Harold Dalsan, has his thought process working. The concern now is extremely worrying. Saint Lucians are desirous of a better quality of life with each passing day – as a natural progression, having travelled a well-worn path of willful blindness and feckless behaviour by its leaders for generations.

The opportunity to change is the choice for better government, decision makers, and institutions that make intelligent decisions and good-faith efforts. None of which is within the ambit of the SLP or the fractionate opposition that engages in the current thoughtlessness and shabby intuitions of false solutions to Saint Lucia’s perplexing problems.

That’s why it is important to curb further confusion, control sovereign debt, manage security issues, food, healthcare and education concerns in order to realize a new path, a genuine strategic approach to seek the truth, to counter lies, and to shed light on some positive signs to getting Saint Lucia back, to a path of positive growth.

The helping hand in that process is via the path of a national debt recovery plan. The object of which is to reclaim taxpayers’ tangible and non-tangible assets, acquired by person(s) and or corporation(s) via fraudulent and corrupt means, and to use that resource to pay down the national debt that is fuelling negative economic growth.

Finding EC$100 million and more, how difficult is this? There are ways to find it, but this takes heart — the heart of men of will and action, to clean up a new direction to drive and strengthen growth and prosperity.

Short of this will permit persons and institutions that are responsible for failed policies to dodge accountability and will continue to extricate illusions of theatre without restraint.

The government of substance, the SLP, can’t sit around and expect miracles from China, while trying to build a new world order, named the Shanghai Co-operation Organisation (SCO), a group of six countries — China, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan — and aims to be the dominant security institution in its region; or to rely on the BRIC nations (Brazil, Russia, India and China), including ALBA and PetroCaribe for charity, via agreements that threaten national security, and are most likely to prolong economic recovery.

And, if the tolerance for stupefying incompetence and dysfunction at the national level continues, while counting on the next government to fix everything that the last one screwed up by the flick of a switch, then addressing structural problems, constitutional reforms, economic growth and prosperity will be guided by corruption, the well-connected insiders and special interests to the detriment of all.

But that does not mean the people of Saint Lucia should lose hope, or to stop brainstorming on how to stay on top of these various situations. To carry on heedless of the consequences for future generations is unforgiving; know that the LPM can help. Our sense of this is that the LPM is well positioned to redirect Saint Lucia very carefully with ideas and solution for long-term prosperity.

We, the LPM, have a plan, a practical change agenda to bring about growth and development, to engage and build relationships; a healthier nation with great healthcare, to make Saint Lucia more attractive as a friend of business; a strong promoter of women in business; a haven for foreign direct investment (FDI) in technology, infrastructure development (water, electricity, waste management), the development of cities, towns, villages with proper housing; agriculture and agro business, manufacturing, eco tourism and travel, and an education system that supports STEM education (science, technology, engineering and maths) to meet the demands of the workplace, and a nation of law and order.

Now you know where the LPM stands. We need you to spread the message that the LPM will not cling to a corrupt culture that make living standards the perfection of techniques that bluff citizens, justifies corruption or names and shames without due accountability.


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  1. As a youth growing up in St. Lucia I followed politics closely. St.Lucia has gotten from bad to worse and the politicians are responsible for this horror. The leader of any nation must have the interest of it,s people at heart. Not just for some but for all. Education,health care, housing and economic opportunity should be key on their agenda. But no, they get in office and go straight into favouritism and nepotism mode and forget about the masses. To sum it all up, Corruption is St.Lucia,s public enemy number one. Too much corruption in Government Establishments across the board. St.Lucia needs a new breed of educated,wise, competent, experience and compassionate team of leaders to stir this country in the right direction otherwise it,s a rap.


    • Son ofa beech, i'm just simply leaving the best laught for last, because you seem laughting all of the time, even before you get the joke.


  2. 70 years of UWP and SLP is enough, their's nothing of substance to show for all the years they have ruled this land ,enough is enough with them fellas.


  3. St Lucians cannot wait to dump SLP and UWP this time around, either by most of the disgruntle party hacks of the past staying home, and allowing the swing and non voters representing 58% of the voting population to come out this time around to say enougt is enought to them losers that have failed us for the last 70 years. We don't need another 5 years from Labour or Flambeau this time around. Both Partys have reach their level of incompetence, their is nothing more to expect from either Kenny nor Chastanet or any flabeau or Labour.




    GET A VISA... RUN!


    • The only thing that can make the next election interesting is to dump both Flambewu and Labour, real Kaltrz


  5. LPM....hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahaahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahaha


    • LPM Is noway part of the political mess in St Lucia. Hope you are referring to Flambeau and SLP. - new and clean on the block - LPM is here to make a difference.


    • My sense is that you use your head only to hold your hats and your brain is little more than just mush. You must be one of our very comfortable idiots who will not learn.


  6. OK,

    I believe that it will be the younger generation who would have to bring about change. The older one doesn't seem to quite understand the far more important issues at stake here in this country as they have traditionally voted folks in based on a personal 'liking' or knowledge of such individuals and not their capabilities. The young generation of voting age hardly ever cast a vote, but many issues directly affect them. The older ones are on their way out.


  7. It's about time the LPM and others with interest in Government understand that you do not have to be a part of the Government to make a difference, one can give free of their time to help the less fortunate, organize soup kitchens, clothes drives etc. give the school kids books, uniforms and supplies, provide home work support and develop an after school programs for kids, make use of the town hall by providing free computer workshops, there is so much one can do to help without being a minister of government. I believe there is more to give than being a minister. Most of the LPM hopefuls live aboard, can they not do drives in their community to send needed medical/school etc. for the communities they intend to represent in SLU, make a difference be a different kind of politician represent the less fortunate, be their voice. I send stuff every August, for some of folks where I came from in SLU, it's a great feeling to give back, even if it's a little at a time. Come on let's help one another more if we are able to. Just my thought, let's make a difference without being the Prime Minister/Minister!!


    • From what I know its wrong to assume that most of the LPM hopefuls live abroad. LPM has a growing list of hopefuls residing in sweet St Lucia.


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