UPDATED: Policeman charged for Marigot homicide

By SNO Staff
Gilroy 'Gillo' Gaston (left) and homicide victim Yves Rene>.

Gilroy ‘Gillo’ Gaston (left) and homicide victim Yves Rene.



Police constable and former double calypso champion Gilroy ‘Gillo’ Gaston has been charged with the fatal shooting of a man in Marigot on Sunday, Jan. 8, 2017.

According to the Police Information Office, Gaston was charged with “death caused by gross negligence or recklessness, Contrary to Section 92 of the Criminal Code Chapter 3.01 of the Revised Laws of St. Lucia 2013”.

Gaston was reportedly granted $15,000 bail and ordered to report to the Micoud Police Station.

He was charged in connection with the shooting of 39-year-old Yves Rene, aka Nazarene during a police operation in Fond Mange.

Gaston won the Kaiso Headquarters crown representing Beat and Patrol,  and the Inter-Commercial Calypso Competition within three days in July 2015.

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  1. St. Lucians so hypocrite the man is a police officer doing his job. It is sad that someone died. I doubt he wanted to kill the man and every comment you read these people calling to send him on remand the bail too low. idiots. bail and remand should not be a form of punishment but a guarantee that the accused will appear in court. The man didn’t just purposely take a gun and kill the man in cold blood like many of the hardened criminals do. If it was the other way around and it was the police officer who had died many of you would be rejoicing. Lucians make me sick. The job of a police officer is not an easy one. Give the police a break and let justice take its course. it's not every police officer that's a bad egg. Most of you commenting would rather take the side of the criminal than support the police in their fight against crime that’s why there is so much violence in st. Lucia today. If a criminal kill a man in cold blood no body never see anything, if is a police that shoot a man everybody is a witness even on TV you seeing them talking to reporters. yo par pear, day ban hypocrite

  2. You didn't MURDER. it happened on duty. Ninja Dan is free from his murder sentence so I want to know what they will do for u.
    ..... Were you briefed before leaving on that scene.
    This country is lawless they won't make an example of the criminals bit the cops. They have your face on the news but the same reporters won't post reports given to them on crime in the country when given information. They block faces so we don't c clearly but in your case they have tour face and history.

    Whosoever posted this did not care about your safety as a state police .. ESPECIALLY THE FACT THAT U ARE INNOCENT UNLESS PROVEN GUILTY.
    make sure u have something done about it. You are charged but not proven guilty.

  3. Were there previous reports of police brutality against this officer? Is there evidence to prove that he was a ROGUE cop?

    It could simply just have been an accident.

    But to the people rejoicing in this. These are the same cops we call when there is a robbery, rape, murder etc. When we keep demoralizing them so, how can they be motivated to protect and serve us? Especially from these elements around us, that keep getting more emboldened every day.

  4. Look like it's ok to kill in Saint Lucia.not guilty until proven. We too negative.

  5. Rouge is a color idiot

  6. My god nah sleep whether in or outta church........mankind is a werewolf.

  7. The plot thickens...

  8. time for stability

    well bro the jail has kind to calypsonians and soca artist. you be safe man. just want justice all around politicians as well , public service ...every bloody lucian.....

  9. Gilo for life (brother)

    Into the hands of the almighty God Gilo, you will be a free man by the grace of God

  10. Let's just hope he is not being used as a scape goat to win favours from those seeking human rights.

  11. At least they start charging cops for wrongful deaths but this still does not justify the many before him that got away with murder.

  12. The family should get some compensation for the man death and that buwoo should do some jail time. You all need to hire a lawyer and sue the government for their negligent. Too trigger happy !!

  13. that sucks! sorry Gillo. The most high is the greatest judge. I do not know details. i shall not speak. I just WISH ministers and high ranking Public Servants TOO are held accountable when they transgress the law or professional code of conduct

  14. wish you well

  15. Every citizen should be held accountable for his or her crime committed against society starting with the prime minister on down.

  16. Why can't the faces of the rapists be on our media platforms as well.

  17. It's nice to see Police officers are being held accountable for their actions. If he is innocent he will cleared of all wrongdoing if he is guilty he should face the same treatment given to the common criminal

  18. O well they must have good reason to charge him for murder it gets deep.


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