Police Welfare Association request suspension of promotions

Police Welfare Association request suspension of promotions

PRESS RELEASE – The Police Welfare Association, in a letter to the Ministry of Home Affairs, Legal Affairs and National Security dated September 16th, 2014, expressed concerns and recommendations as it relates to the promotions guidelines.

The Association expressed its desire to have dialogue on the issue, as it believes that the majority of its members are disadvantaged by the current guidelines.

To date, the Association is yet to receive a response.

Promotions to the ranks of Corporal to Inspector have been advertised, with the deadline for applications being Monday 10th, November, 2014.

The Association has re-written to the Minister reminding him of the issues while expressing the continued desire to dialogue. Also, the Association has requested that the Minister suspend the advertised promotions to facilitate discussions.

A response date of Tuesday, November 11, 2014 has been suggested to the Minister in response to the Association’s letter.


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  1. This whole promotion system with the organization needs a big fix. Hope La Corbs gives the association a listening ear.


  2. Hold up "promotion "
    Advertised ?? Correct me if I'm wrong when one gets promoted isn't based on; A: ablity B: experience C: work ethics D:knowledge / education etc etc .. I'm application ??? Do they study and then get tested to be come a coporal & and inspector ?? Just asking humor me !!


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