Police Traffic Department to be equipped with speed guns

Police Traffic Department to be equipped with speed guns
Inspector Dexter Felix
Inspector Dexter Felix

Speeding remains the number one cause for many fatal crashes on the island, but the Police are prepared to work towards significantly lowering this in 2016 and beyond.

Inspector Dexter Felix of the Traffic Department has said that the Force is preparing to deal with the instrument to assist with the procurement of speed guns that will be utilized to measure speed on the roadways.

“A small contingent from the Traffic Department visited Trinidad and studied the Police there and were able to understand how they go about measuring speed along the highways,” he explained.

Felix believes that the speed guns will help to reduce accidents in a major way in Saint Lucia and help to encourage drivers to adhere to speed limits, and caution them against speeding.

While admitting that the police continue to have challenges when it comes to the Bexon highway, Felix said certain measures have been put in place to reduce speed in that area.

He spoke to the erection of speed bumps and traffic safety signs, close to the Bexon School, where a child lost his life. There are also constant traffic patrols. But despite these efforts some persons are still not adhering to the rules.

Despite these challenges, the traffic official said ever since these systems have been implemented, there has been a reduction in the number of calls made to the police in relation to accidents in that area.

Meanwhile, another area which Felix said the police hopes to tackle this year is drunk driving. The police inspector said serious attention will be given to this area during discussions within the Force.

“We also studied Trinidad’s Driving under the Influence (DUI) response and how the breathalyzers are helping them and we would be looking at that this year,” he stated.

It was reminded that drivers should at all times adhere to speed limits which are provided through the Traffic Act. The speed limit for highways is 40 mph and in Castries is 25 mph.

With the expansion of the Castries-Gros Islet Highway, the Traffic Department is hoping that this will help to ease the traffic congestion, especially during peaks hours and reduce accidents.


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  1. Blah blah blah....talk talk talk...election coming...I've heard it all before many times. I will come back to this news clip in a years time (God willing) and show it to the authorities and ask them when are they going to start implementing what they said. Notice no date, timeline or deadline was given?



  2. Eureka! finally they realize that "appealing" to motorist to be careful is not working,its time for education and enforcement when it comes to speed.I hope they get not only the guns but the training too other wise every little lawyer and quasi lawyer will get rich defending and getting off all speeding accused.

    Now time for breathalyzer kits and training.

    And yes the police will have to train and educate their members first before they are let loose on the public.


  3. All cars on the road have speedometers what shows the speed in KM.
    Why do the traffic department/traffic Act still having MILES ? Since we moved into metric system is it not time to bury the outdated system?


  4. First we need to clean the alleged drunks within the police force???????
    The police gives you a charge for seat belts, how many of them wear seat belts, even when driving a police vehicle.

    They charge you for speeding, look around its a police officer speeding down the road.

    They charge you for licence & insurance, look around how man police officers have a valid licence?

    And the list goes on.

    It is not right for law abiding citizens to be under the guard and no one is guarding the guard.


  5. The sooner speed gun monitoring takes effect, the safer it will be for everyone. The need to speed on the island borders on the ridiculous. It will also be an opportunity to bring additional money into the coffers. Definitely, the answer is not putting speed bumps every few yards. Hopefully, they have sufficient speed guns and those guns change reckless behaviors.


  6. Years ago the Traffic Department had speed guns and they had to stop using them for want of calibration and for certain limitations in the Road Traffic Regulations. What has changed since then?


  7. many years ago police had speed guns already and parked ...
    If i remember well the record speed mesured was 160km/h on Gros-Islet highway


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