Police Traffic Department should do more to curb irresponsible driving: NADS

Police Traffic Department should do more to curb irresponsible driving: NADS
The vehicle involved in the accident
Scene of a fatal accident in 2013.

As Saint Lucia observes Road Safety Month this November, the National Association of Driving Schools (NADS) has called on motorists and the authorities to place greater focus on road safety.

The adherences to road signs and improvement in road networks are two of the pressing issues which President of the NADS Thomar Francis believes should be addressed in order to improve road safety on the island.

He said the police Traffic Department should do more to curb irresponsible driving.

“The police, which is the Traffic department, has a lot to do. They should be the ones controlling… the nonsense that is going on our roads because you cannot tell me our speed limit is 40 miles-an-hour and a police vehicle is driving at 40 miles-an-hour and I am overtaking that vehicle. What is my speed limit? And the police will just let it go,” he said.”

“You’ve got persons just overtaking at a corner which shouldn’t be done… I am not saying that you have to charge some persons, but you can caution, because the moment that you caution, you show that you are on top of it,” he added.

Singling out the Millennium Highway, Francis called for better signage, road markings and maintenance in order to make the roads a less dangerous place to drive on.

“The road markings, road signs – these are things that the ministry should see about…because if you look at the Millennium Highway it’s like a rough sea. I think that needs to be resurfaced. The back roads that they operate on should have proper edges because persons cannot maneuver the way they should maneuver on these roads. If we are so serious about our safety …these are the things that should be done,” he implored.

Francis further spoke against bus drivers overloading their vehicles as it increases the risk of accidents.

“You have vehicles… that are over loaded. We should know that when a vehicle is overloaded our vehicles are going to swerve because it is designed for a particular weight and if you’re overweight it is going to swerve,” he said.

Saint Lucia recorded its 15th road fatality for 2017 last week.


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