Police to put special measures to tackle sex crimes 

Police to put special measures to tackle sex crimes 


PRESS RELEASE – In light of the recent spate of rape and other sexual assaults in Saint Lucia, the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force (RSLPF) has initiated special measures to tackle these sex crimes. The RSLPF highly condemns those inhumane, barbaric and reprehensible acts which are vicious violations of some of the basic fundamental rights of our men and women.

The RSLPF will leave no stone unturned in ensuring the protection and safety of our men and women, by putting measures in place to reduce or prevent such brutal and uncivilized attacks and to bring perpetrators of such crimes to justice.

In this vein, the RSLPF has put in place among other measures a specially dedicated team to complement the overwhelmed Vulnerable Persons Team. The duties of this newly formed team will include surveillance and Intel driven patrols aimed at reducing incidents of rape and apprehension of perpetrators of such crimes.

The RSLPF takes this opportunity to reassure the general public that it continues to be committed to fight crime and social disorder in Saint Lucia. The RSLPF will do everything within the confines of the Law to ensure the safety of all people in Saint Lucia.


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  1. I am reading the comments above and I am concerned that we are not addressing the immediate issues that are occurring more often in St. Lucia which are the issues around rape, domestic violence and rape of a minor. You can have as many Police as possible on the streets, however until we change the way in which these crimes are dealt with within the judicial system then we are just plastering over the cracks. I recently read an article by a Corporal Joseph who stated that you cannot consider a minor or young person being rape as they are unable to consider it as consensual or not, (our legal system failing to protect), therefore it is deaem as sexual intercourse, please don't get it twisted rape is rape, whether the victim is an adult or a child. Wake up St. Lucia and let's get our house in order.


  2. I've been to St. Lucia a number of times. The police should start off by policing the roads. Criminals use the roads. Policing the roads would curb the extremely bad and dangerous driving and deter criminals from being able to go about the country causing havoc, fear and chaos.


  3. Find out some of the "hot areas" where crimes keep recurring and have police officers patrol those areas on a more frequency basis.
    That is one of the easiest ways to curb crime. Make police officers more visibly present in the public sector.


  4. Anytime a new police commissioner takes office, there are lots of promises made to relief the society of the criminals and reduce crime, violence, theft and other criminal activities in the country. It is always a lot of talk and no action. The police is being paid to do nothing.
    Vehicle theft is on the increase, I was a victim some months ago and up to today there is no sight of the vehicle. The police has done very little to recover the vehicle.
    I want to suggest to the Police Commissioner that a Task Force be put in place with responsibility of recovering stolen vehicles. All they have to do is to move around the island and check every vehicle that match THE MODEL of the stolen vehicle. I am certai. that if this is done many stolen vehicles will be recovered, and vehicle theft will decrease significantly.


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