Police should learn lesson from Chakadan Daniel’s inquest: Acting Top Cop

Police should learn lesson from Chakadan Daniel’s inquest: Acting Top Cop
Acting Police Commissioner Errol Alexander.
Acting Police Commissioner Errol Alexander.
Acting Police Commissioner Errol Alexander.

Acting Commissioner of Police Errol Alexander said on Tuesday that all law enforcement officials should learn a lesson from the Chakadan Daniel inquest report.

Alexander said the action of law enforcement officials is always subject to review and people have the right to question police action and sometimes the results are not always favourable.

“That is a lesson for us to learn from as police officers and all law enforcement officers,” he said.

The acting police chief noted that there are certain guidelines, laws and procedures that have been put in place for police to follow and they should at all times be adhered to.

“I think if they follow these guidelines it will help to minimise such incidents of deaths in police custody. Because when we have prisoners in custody we have to ensure their safety,” he explained.

Alexander also confirmed that the file is now with the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) Victoria Charles Clarke, who will decide on the next step. Until then, there is still a presumption of innocence.

While noting that he is not condoning the alleged unlawful behaviour of police, Alexander said he stands in solidarity with the accused officers and would ask other officers to give their support to them.

Nevertheless, he said the court will decide whether they are innocent or not.

The acting police commissioner said he cannot confirm rumours that the Daniel’s family has been threatened.

A coroner’s inquest found that 22-year-old Chakadan Daniel was “unlawfully killed.”


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  1. Alex, what kind of ridiculous statement is this?
    You are the COP, think before you speak. You should :
    1. apologize to the family and public for a death in custody and emphasize
    2. indicate that the matter is with the DPP and you await their findings.
    3. Indicate that the Police officers have recourse via their welfare Association.
    4. Explain to the Public the procedures that are in place when someone is being held in custody by the police.

    and stop rushing to speak to the media.......think of what you say, and the possible contingencies before you speak.

    from a concerned lucian.


  2. The little boys that are in the police force have no idea what being a police is. The wjole force have to be trained including the commissioner.


  3. We have to expect police officers to stand in solidarity with each other. They are each other's keeper.


  4. the verdict is in guilty in every way, there is no partiality, it is what it is what more do you need to convence you that the police is responsible. is it because of his surname, or because he was a rastaman. i dont understand the confusion. if it was a rich mans child would you think differently? lets face the day, some police are ignorant, they hold a lot of bad feelings and grudge if they dont like you for whatever reason then it becomes a personal matter. full time we hold these corrupted police accountable and stop the brutality violence breeds violence. in life there is a lot of grief one never know what tomorrow may bring today Chakadan tomorrow you or someone you love. we must throw away that slavish brutish mentality, love your brothers and sisters even when they are not perfect cause no one is perfect. we must come together with a clear mind clean hands clean heart its then we can enjoy our island home peacefully, those at home and abroad.


  5. So ure asking them to rally around the accusers? What do they need the support for? Wrong is wrong. Let the responsible feel the full force of the law.


  6. wow! strange leader not long ago you said carnival was more important than the welfare of your police officers now you in support. may be if their welfare was properly sought after they would be more efficient. you also question their welfare president's legality but went on further to quote a law or clause making him legal . why are you playing around? All the membership looking for school assistance is it not that same president assisting them. is he legal or not?


  7. Not any lessons they should learn but, face prosecutions.All along there were no statements such as these from the head of this police department.Likewise,now Mr.Errol is sounding an alarm to thee entire force?What has happen there is impacting negatively on this entire police trust to members of thee St.Lucian public.Providing this inquest has'nt materialised the police would not have said anything in that regard.Get thee officers involve soon and promptly for their convictions.


  8. Worst commissioner ever. What did he say? Made no sense at all. You stand in solidarity with him yet still you don't condone his action. You need to take two steps back. Velon John said once don't touch his boys...why can't police officers say "don't touch their Commissioner"? Team bring back Vernon Francois. #VernonForCOP


    • mate neither here or there saying one thing now another jus now I sorry for the police worse leader oh.. carnival more important to top cop than police welfare I wish police had to vote for their cop


  9. Exucuse You !!! Worst Commissioner Ever ... Has anyone been convicted ... The DDP ain't even made her recommendations yet ... Where is the support to demoralized RSLPF men ... SHUT you A-Hole !!!


    • But sir/madam, did you read the entire story or the story at all? The commissioner did say the officer/s in question are innocent until proven guilty and that he stands by the officer/s until the matter is concluded. Please, I beg of you all, read, read, read, read, read, read, read!


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