UPDATED: Alleged “aggressive” individual shot by police in Choiseul; suspect’s identity revealed

UPDATED: Alleged “aggressive” individual shot by police in Choiseul; suspect’s identity revealed

(SNO) — A male suspect sustained gunshot wounds and at least one police officer sustained minor injuries during an incident in Belle Vue, Choiseul on Saturday afternoon, Sept. 15, according to reports.

The suspect, identified as Zephrinus Jn Baptiste of Belle Vue, Choiseul, who is believed to be in his 40’s, has been hospitalised in stable condition.

Reports reaching our newsroom are that the police went to Jn Baptiste’s residence to investigate a report in which the suspect is alleged to have threatened to kill a man.

It is further alleged that the suspect attacked one of the cops, and during the tussle, he sustained gunshot wounds to his arm and legs.

“He threatened to kill a man, police came to talk to him. Instead, he came out and fight with one of the officers,” a source said. “The man is an aggressive individual. He attacked the officer. Everyone saw it.”

According to reports, it was also a struggle to get the man into the ambulance who later  transported him to St. Jude Hospital.

At least one officer complained of aches about his body.

“The officer went to St. Jude to get treated. He had an x-ray to do,” the source added.

The suspect is allegedly of unsound mind and his gunshot wounds are reportedly not life threatening.

The incident is said to have occurred around 2:30 p.m.

More information later.


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  1. toptek..shut up

    The man has been harrassing francis for years now. he even gave him a few lashes of cutlass. the man is threatening many people in the community. The police had gone there twice(2 ) to give him a stern warning.
    they came t talk to him...he started the scuffle. the police officers were too nice. What you didnt know and it ois not ediyed there, the man even had a cutlass syaig he will kill francis. the police begged him to put it dow and cam down. smh. you dont know..so shut up. When teh ambulance came teh police approached his mother to assisting in transporting her son to the hospital...she said No. because she is tired of warning her son to live francis alone.
    Everyone in the community praising the officers. but they said the bullet should have crippled him. smh. so you just dont know. get to know. typical lucian ..quick to blame the police. Right now I feel sorry for the officer..that just shows what Police Officers have to go through in their line of duty. If it was a different officer, trust me the bullet would not be so simple through his body. well now people of Victoria Choiseul , say they feel secure, their minds are at peace. they just hoping the bastard goes to Bordelais.


  2. He was a good man, he did not do noffing, dey just come an shoot him jusso. wooyyy looordd i pray for us all. Repent. end of times coming oui.


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