Police score another drug bust

Police score another drug bust
Compressed marijuana * Photo not actual marijuana referred to in story.
Compressed marijuana * Photo not actual marijuana referred to in story.mari

At least one person is in custody in connection with a drug bust in St. Lucia waters last evening, August 6, 2017, according to reports reaching St. Lucia News Online.

Reports are that a vessel was intercepted at sea and a quantity of marijuana was discovered.

One male is reportedly being held at the Vieux Fort Police Station.

Unconfirmed reports are that the drug weighed about 650 pounds.

Police officials have confirmed that an interception occurred and that drug was discovered but could not provide us with additional information at this time.


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  1. Free the weed cuz u police still selling it back chups cazmiah in ur ass stop robbing people weed and selling it in millet


  2. What a waste of our Marine Polices' time and tax payers money through the Justice System.

    There's no money in the country yet the Gov is preventing the marginalised from making a buck through Cannabis.

    What a crying shame!


  3. Have any of you heard of this saying.. if you have nothing good to say don't say anything ? The Government is Not responsible for you ghetto yutes or any individual who takes their Lives for granted, there's the ghetto and there's also a way out of the ghetto, so guess what ? you are the Salop for not working towards out of the ghetto, and for WENOTTAG above, Murders will get solved when your full Co-operation is Honestly Given, IT ALL STARTS WITH YOU, DOESN'T MATTER WHAT IT IS !


    • Garcon re-read the first line of your comment and practise it!

      Because everything below the first line is pure papishow.


  4. Url Salop dat same weed we go still smoke it cause url jus taking it Make Us Pay Money & Sell It Bk For us Iymc !
    Never Want Ghetto Yutes To Have Nun !


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