Police said it is doing all it can to bring Saadia’s killer (s) to justice

Police said it is doing all it can to bring Saadia’s killer (s) to justice

Murdered mother of three Saadia Byron was laid to rest on Wednesday, Nov. 22, a day after a candlelight vigil was held in Laborie, but police have still not charged anyone in connection with her death.

Two individuals who had been detained in connection to the crime were released last week, pending the results of forensive evidence that was sent overseas for testing.

Police said another individual was taken into custody, but our newsroom is unable to say if that person is still custody.

Commissioner of Police Severin Moncherry told Choice News that the police will do all it can to bring the perpetrator/s to justice.

“Like I have said before, it’s a very sad thing to have happened and we the police would do anything within our power to try to bring whoever did that to justice. From what I am told there is one other person in custody…” he said.

Moncherry vowed that police will swiftly investigate reports of crime.

“Once the matter is reported we’re gonna investigate it and bring the perpetrators to justice,” he said.

Meanwhile, friends and family of Byron who attended her funeral are torn about her gruesome death and have been calling for justice.

Family member Wilfred Pierre, speaking to Choice Television, said: “Well as you know, this kind of thing that has happened it really causes a lot of pain and regret. And this is something that’s very difficult to really deal with. As you know, people just have to console one another…it’s a strange, strange, strange occurrence and we’re hoping that the perpetrator of the crime is going to be dealt with swiftly. We just hope that the family will come together and God would do what he has to do for this whole thing to be solved.”

A female community member said she now lives in fear after Byron’s murder.

“As for me, I am a mother of three just like Saadia, and to be seeing that on news… the manner that she was killed that’s really heart-breaking to tell you the truth, because imagine is not my family and up to now I can still feel her pain and her mother’s pain,” she said.

“Well, right now there, I used to go everywhere, party everywhere, [and ] come home any time by myself. But right now, from the time that happened [to Byron] I haven’t gone anywhere and come back by myself, because to tell you the truth I am afraid,” she said.

Byron’s body was found by her relatives about 30 metres from her home where she lived with her three children, mother, and other family members. She had been reported missing two days prior to the discovery.

Her body was semi-nude and covered with stones.


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  1. So are they going to reveal the autopsy results at all? All the news is saying is that she was murdered. How? Was she raped or not? Was she strangled? I mean the updates you guys are giving say nothing really. Just useless information that doesn't add anything of substance to this situation. An incident like tjat occurs that has shaken the wholr island basically and up to now the news cannot say how the girl was murdered? And in previous news it was reported that the forensic evidence was sent overseas. How long is that going to take? Give people relevant pertinent updates please!!


  2. They doing all their best good to hear,and anybody with information should assist the police how you'll can go to bed with knowing a rape was committed you'll know the whos and can go tobed at night with rape and murder on you'll brain,St.lucia time to do good leave wickedness alone,it will not be good for our island,its time to bring these demons to justice.


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