Police release identity of man killed in Castries shooting; one individual in police custody


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Elton. * Facebook photo

(PRESS RELEASE VIA SNO) – Police are investigating the circumstances surrounding the death of Elton Fontinelle of Morne Du Don, Castries.

On Tuesday, May 29, 2018, about 4:00 p.m. officers attached to the Criminal Investigations Department received a report of a shooting on Louis Street, Castries.

Elton Fontinelle was conveyed to the Victoria Hospital, after allegedly sustaining multiple gunshot wounds about the body, where he was pronounced dead by a medical practitioner. A post mortem examination is scheduled for today, Wednesday, May 30, 2018.

During the said incident, four other individuals sustained injuries and are currently in stable condition.

One individual is currently in custody in relation to this incident.

The Royal St. Lucia Police Force is appealing to anyone with information regarding this incident to contact the nearest police station, or the Criminal Investigations Department at 456 3770.

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  1. One thing i know he will NEVER do it again!!

  2. This guy reminds me of another deceased serial vouler and gunman from the same area alias "Smiley."

  3. Bravo to the RSLPF for shooting to kill him, he got what he deserved, he had a mask & guns ready to kill even the innocent such as an innocent child which could have been my child. Thank you so much, am elated! Woohoo

  4. I don't know know his issues but having a shoot-out in the Castries at 4pm is un-forgive-able! May he Rest in peace though

  5. What happen to all of you? The guy was a good boy, never looked for trouble, always on his own business. He didn't have to die so. He never troubled anyone....sigh...

    • Seriously are we living in the same world?? Smh...hypocrites never seize to amaze me..I guess he was your brother, cousin, friend or you must have had some relation to utter such nonsense...if he was so innocent as you claim why was he masked with a gun....i guess he didn't anticipate the outcome...because of his stupid decision along with the rest involve several by siders got injured...what would have been your response if that innocent child was your...you live by he gun you die by the gun

  6. Drain the SWAMP.

  7. I don't know the fella , and I not giving him right , I not giving him wrong either, this has been going on for years something happens to you , you call the police ,they tell you they don't have a van , when they get a van later they will come, the entire day passes nobody shows up , you don't even get a phone call, I am a civil engineer my vehicle was stolen , and I found it in the south of the island , I went to the police station in the south , to make a report , the officer asked me a million questions , only to tell me for me to get assistance I have to go back to Castries and then if the officers in Castries need assistance they will call them , I explained to the officer that the vehicle is being driven by that time the person would have moved the vehicle , I have my documents with me can they just assist me the man still telling me no , there is nothing he can do , I went to the person that was driving the vehicle , don't know if he was lying or not but he told me he didn't know the vehicle was stolen beg me to not involve the police and I went with vehicle
    , point of the story , the police has never assisted me or my family not once , so if the man was being beaten up more than once and decided he could not take it again I cannot say nothing , the innocent that got injured I feel sorry for you

    • The law does make the use of force to the point of you even killing the person in order to recover your goods. Does that answer your question?

  8. He always a good boy. But he had two guns ? Yall family members high time yall stop coming on tv say bull**** ! Good boys don't do shit to injure innocent bystanders or passersbys !

  9. France

  10. People nothing can compare to a life taken, I feel the pain of the injured people bu good people the boy was young and made mistakes he is a human being and he could have changed his bad ways. Let us forgive him and all those like him. It is wrong to rejoice on the death of a criminal, the one on the cross ext to Jesus was forgiven by THE MAN himself. I don't agree with the crime nor the criminal but I know in every individual there is a time of growth. Let's love our people and pray for change please. I love you St.Lucians just let's not rejoice on these things anymore and pray for our children to change and our neighbors children and our neighborhood. Jah love and light always.
    I love my people.

  11. What an embarrassment to REAL BAD MUN! lol

  12. The man is dead yet still everyone is commenting and judging I don't know any one of the guys who's got short niether the one who die but yourl comments alone brings drama who kepth they mouth kepth they life ....everybody life has a story judge your own .....am not on any side

  13. People stop 🛑 this and realize the devil is at large,cuz he did this broad day light but a lot of young ppl now joing all different secret society and do all sorts of dirt that's y all this wickedness happening.i feel sorry for the family of those injured I pray go for speedy recovery,god bless the family to stay 💪 strong.. we need to pray more worship god no reapecst each other,cuz what u do reflects things of tomorrow...

  14. Rip my boy ...what people have to say bout u god is the only one to judge u they don't no ur story imma miss gambling with u n laughing atvur jokes tell my cuz n good friend I said hi u no who

  15. Shut urll ass the boy did no harm to people those fellas use to beat him continuously so he couldn't take n did what he did I'm sure he didn't mean to hurt those people it was an accident but he got fed up of them beating him all the time n the law not doing nnun so he take actions rip my boy gonna miss ur smile n laughter

    • Since when going around discharging an illegal gun is an accident? Maybe you are the one who was in an accident but escaped the hospital before your head injury was treated. There is nothing in the law which says that it is an accident when an innocent person gets killed or injured when the perpetrator is in the process breaking the law or committing a capital offense. Although it maybe non-intentional but it is still capital murder (an offense you can be hanged for). So tell that to your potential law breaker friends who don't know the law.

  16. This is what happens when peti criminalz are house with hard core bandits in prison , everyone wants a 40 cause everyone seeks revenge , just hurts me ain't no cops or politions getting shoot out there , well not yet , its about time they tasted what they promoted

  17. One less thief to deal with !! Stick to your trade you a thief don’t be a “ bad man “ .. I was a victim of your stealing !! And I’m sure many others !!

  18. This is what happens when peti criminalz are house with hard core bandits in prison , everyone wants a 40 cause everyone seeks revenge , just hurts me ain't no cops or politions getting shoot out there , well not ye

  19. I remember a day we were going home from school, he was by me on the bus, however, he was by the window. The bus stopped by some sick heads at the time. ding ding alla and dem. alla came by the window smiled for Elton..... and them just give him a knock in his face.... I just hear BOOOP!!!!

    I guess from there... he became mad and mean

  20. It was a case of the hunter became the hunted.

  21. He was not an angel but he was not like all the hard core ...criminals .. urll talking so much ... bull but did urll even know like know him. So just ...read the news and keep urll ...negative comments to yourself. The family don’t need to read this bull...in this time.
    Go clean ur own family laundry

    • NOT a hard core criminals? with gun and mask shooting in the middle of day.
      What is a hard core criminals?

    • Some comments awah qui

      I don't want to see what hardcore is. I was walking these very street on that very day along with family members and many other innocent people young and old. At that peak hour he chose to come to town with a mask and guns out to kill. No respect for society. No respect for our country or our little tourism industry which is all we have to cling to. Not hardcore. His family should be apologizing to us. I feel sorry for them but I want an apology on his behalf. Not a hardcore criminal. Give me a break "eh"

    • Nah the family need to read this. Sorry not sorry . They should have spoken to him about his lifestyle . They gonna feel it today . There were people who got affected by this and i feel their pain .

  22. Hypocritical Aunty...ppl like you that encouraging violence in the city. Did he use to bring the stolen items to you?

  23. They always Say good things about these Thugs when They get what they Deserve .He Should be Buried from Yesterday evening .

  24. These thugs always a good Boy .

  25. And mother crying why ull kill my son at the hospital.But mother didn't u see your son hav four in the hospital. Wow

  26. Smh Elton was such a blowing by or t smile di no. Harm to people but people use to bet him up all the time rip my boy

  27. why don't they show the photos of him with his guns?

  28. Oh yes he was a great boy. He never looked for trouble

  29. Circumstances made me who i am, was i born a violent man, circumstances made me who i am, everyone should know!!!!

  30. good riddance to bad rubbish. one less scumbag and criminal to deal with by police on the streets and one useless individual society needs placing fear in the lives of good law abiding citizens. because of you this innocent child and others almost lost their life
    yall already dont like it when the truth is spoken let me see how many of yall i will upset now.

  31. He was a good boy n he nvr did nothing wrong...


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