Police probing suspected suicide at Deglos

Police probing suspected suicide at Deglos

suicide2A young Deglos man reportedly ended his life on Monday by hanging himself.

He has been identified as Mervin Jean, a former correctional officer.

The discovery was made by Jean’s relatives on Monday around 8 a.m.

The deceased is said to be in his 20’s.

Police are investigating.


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  1. When those called idiots as police they themselves containment the crime scene they are are supposed to block off the areas with police tape, and try lifting prints such as fingerprints shoes print check for any signs of struggle on the scene, but than again as soon as the news spread onlookers will convey at that place also makes more difficult for the cops to work the scene. We need better training for the SLUPD.


    • Learn to speak and write proper English on the people web site before you post bad messages about the police cause nobody could really understand what you just posted


  2. Mad I often wonder the same thing sometimes. Especially if the victim didn't show any signs that they were depressed but then again one never know. Or is there a serial killer in St. LUCIA acting as judge, persecutor killing these people and make it look like a suicide. Trust no one, drug dealer went dad. The dealer want his money .


  3. I wonder sometimes..totally agree. But sometimes the person saying it can be the person that did it.. At the end of the day that's the reality of life. It is just said when you hear young people taking their lives. We need to turn to God. He said he will not leave nor forsake us.....Seek him at al times.


  4. RIP young man. I wonder if all these suicides are really suicides or are they homicides pretending to be death by hanging. I think our forensics lab would do well in making a determination between the two.


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