Police prevents bloodshed in the city

Police prevents bloodshed in the city

Police officers were called to put peace in the city of Castries at about 2 p.m. today.

Reports are that one of two men involved in a scuffle pulled out a cutlass from a backpack he was carrying.

However, police officers patrolling the very busy Jeremie Street, ‎close to the Castries market, were on time to stop what could have been a fatal incident.

No arrest was made.

The officer confiscated the cutlass from the man who claimed that he was a landscaper.


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  1. Is this not intent to kill? He drew out a weapon to have a few laughs with the other guy. Also what's new... Police on the phone on the job. You see it all over. This officer should be pulled up. If the guy decided to attack the other officer, how quick would his response be? Just saying...


  2. geez people u all does write so much crap before researching an officer cannot make an arrest without a logical reason...wat if the person the cutlass was raised on wanted no action.....you all like to comment n say plenty shit to fast n make it worse than it actually is....


  3. "So he pulled a cutlass but didn't use it because police officers were around and no arrest was made" Hmmmm…… But….if he used it it would have been a crime and then he would have been arrested? Homicide number #??? Smh.


  4. Its time to band cutlass people carrying cutlass it a weapon its more harsh Dan a gun den again there's no laws


  5. The police officer used his discretion which is good. The guy may have been defending himself from those thugs who want you to pass it.


  6. Not good enough Police Department, incidents like this you need to make an arrest,and carry out more investigation of the perpetrator using a deadly weapon. You just saved a life.


  7. Is the Officer Texting ...whilst his colleague doing all the work ? ....thats the new breed of RSLPF Officers ?




  9. So tell me y should the police arrest him, for carrying a cutlas? Its not illegal. Coconut vendors carry them all the time. Great job officers, main thing no weapon...


  10. Goodness me. A bush doctor in the city. Disappointed with just a confiscation of the weapon by the police.


    • Atleast commend them on the task of preventing the crime... sometimes all we see is what could or should be done while we give no credit to the effort of what is done. Good job officers for assisting !!!!


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