Police press release on hit-and-run involving traffic officer

Police press release on hit-and-run involving traffic officer

arrestPRESS RELEASE – Brian Fraser, a Police Constable attached to the Traffic Unit of the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force was assaulted by a motorist on Tuesday, October 27, 2015 about 5:00 p.m. on the Bexon Highway, Castries

The officer was conducting a traffic check with other police officers when the driver of motor car registration number PE 3266 failed to adhere to instructions to stop when commanded to do so by the Police.

Fraser, driving a Police Motor Bike, pursued the driver who in turn maneuvered his car, resulting in Fraser being hit twice. The driver then fled the scene.

Fraser sustained minor injuries about the body.

On Wednesday, October 28, 2015 an individual was arrested and is presently in custody assisting with investigations.



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  1. yes from wat I know frazer normally harrasses drivers on the road. I think this incident should make him check his self.


  2. There is so much disrespect for the law and authority particularly for the police in this country, that it is not surprising that crime has escalated. What has that mentality to do with hard times ?


  3. Its very sad how FRAZER'S mom died and now the son is having this done to him...POLICE dot the eyes and tees...more questions than asnswers


  4. We need to respect the law. Drivers respect traffic officers. Sometimes a driver may be in the wrong, but depending on how you present yourself, the officers give you a chance. We need to be humble people.


  5. He is a TRAFFIC OFFICER, how could he be harassing people when he is effectively an efficiently doing what a traffic officer is being paid to do????
    Some of us drivers have no kind of respect when driving and feel we are obliged to do whatever we can when driving and not be cautioned or stopped.


    • First time I hear that kinda thing. SMH. This would never happen under Francois. There would be SSU or men in black with their big guns. That idiot would never think of doing that. KENNY PLS GIVE KING TO REPLACE LA COBINERE


  6. That officer personally always harassing plp lol lol ...am not happy what the driver did to him though but he needs to chill also


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