Police pilot Bicycle Unit

Police pilot Bicycle Unit


NATIONWIDE – The Royal Saint Lucia Police Force (RSLPF) has teamed-up with a local bicycle business to launch what is expected to become the island’s first ever Police Bicycle Unit.

Guy Larcher of Universal Cycle Centre said the bicycle police unit is a pilot project that will improve the patrol capabilities of  the Police over foot patrols and regular  transport.

Larcher disclosed that during the three-month pilot phase, needed adjustments would be made to the   initiative.

The introduction of the unit met with much positive response in Castries last weekend, with many welcoming  it  as  one  that  will not only make the police move along more freely and quickly in crowded areas, but will also keep the riding officers fit for the fight against crime.


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  1. well I do hope that it helps with getting quicker to crime scenes and patrolling but I see it getting messy because there are no bike lanes and lots of crazy drivers. Drivers do not even adhere to an ambulance with flashing lights or siren much less to make room for a cop on a bike


  2. Officers don't drink and ride ! This can be an embrassment to the force . Please teach them proper cycling skills .


    • when you say dont drink and ride i hope you referring to water and if you are referring to water how is that an embarrassment to the force if you thirsty and to teach proper cycling skills (note that i said IF you referring to water)


      • i am positive he was not referring to water which would be a must if your riding in the hot sun for hours. What the person was eluding to was consuming alcohol while on the job!!! there it was said.I personally have seen it way too many times from "pork city" where they came in i guess they had done this before because the bar tender put their shots and beer in cups..ok. To pigeon point where 'A MOTOR CYCLE COP' came and openly enjoyed a couple of Campari`s with is partner.These are just a few examples i have personally witnessed, DUI cannot stop unless it does so from the top cops/politicians until then do what the older drivers have been doing.............get the hell off the roads after dark.


  3. thats a very good initiative it reminds me of that tv series i think basic blue was its name . they should give the big belly officers that cannot run bikes so that they can get fit also while working and they should fit a siren on the bike as well


  4. Dum move cause there aren't much polices in place for cyclists especially to commute,parking etc no road makings what's the sense keep them big belly guys walking


  5. they can begin by having original uniforms instead of uniforms that are identical
    to the security force at san juan international airport.
    do our boys also work in san juan.
    what next will they adopt an american accent? complete with chewing gum
    and coffee?
    monkey see monkey do?


    • Oh nice so you have traveled. Unfortunately you haven't traveled far and wide enough with the nonsense you speak.


    • If you have nun good to say pay chou.. you just want everybody to know you've been to San Juan?.. that's why we can never move forward as a nation because even when we launch initiatives with good intentions idiots like you have to find a problem with it


    • As far as everyone is concerned you're the monkey right now for posting that stupid comment.

      You went full retard. Never go full retard.


    • Stop talking....your ignorance is showing...trust some individual to somehow find a negative in a something positive...what good is your contribution today..none whatsoever....these men will be able to reach a scene of disturbance or disorder within the Castries city perimeter in less than two mins give or take...be thankful for the movement forward...smh


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