Soufriere cop wants justice for his slain son even if it costs him his life

Soufriere cop wants justice for his slain son even if it costs him his life
Officer Sheldon Leon said he's determined to get justice for his son slain Shalomn (right)
Shalomn was fatally shot in Soufriere Saturday morning

A police officer is mourning the loss of his son, who was fatally shot in Soufriere early Saturday morning Oct. 12.

Sheldon Leon, who, according to his Facebook profile is a ‘patrol officer’ with the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force, is calling for justice for his son, who was shot around 1 a.m.

“Rest in peace Shalomn but I will not rest even if it has to cost me my life. Justice for Shalomn Justice I will not rest,” he wrote on his Facebook profile on Saturday afternoon.

Officer Sheldon Leon

Police have not released an official statement on the shooting, however, according to reports from various sources in the community, the shooting occurred during an altercation at a community event.

It is further reported that two persons sustained wounds and one was pronounced dead at a hospital. It is not known if the injured person was involved in the altercation or if anyone has been formally arrested for the shooting.

However, one person told St. Lucia News News Online that it was “a fight” that led to the shooting. What the fight was about is not yet known.

“It was a fight then during the fight some shots were fired,” the source said.

No additional details were available.



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  1. People let's be real the officer is human like us all he is not the one who makes the law and serve justice . He is now a victim does not mean he shouldn't cry for justice it could have been your son, brother,nephew , uncle so let's pray for the nation instead of pointing fingers.

    If you don't know the facts read, listen and shut up cause it's very sad our island is heading in this direction


  2. I didn't see you coming out for justice when innocent families suffer the same fate and their cases turn into cold case... we all should be demanding justice for every case regardless. SHIT ONLY GETS REAL WHEN IT HITS HOME!


  3. You want justice, we want justice for Kimberly, don't act like you don't know what he was up too, may he r. I. P.
    And I sure they will work fast to get the murdere or nurderes


    • There were witnesses. Almost everyone who was there saw what happened and who did it. So sad because he was not involved at all in the altercation that occurred.


  4. Hope you feeling exactly what Shakadan mother and decease father was/is feeling hope that pain reap your heart out. So you need justice for your so call choir boy and Shaka and so many others family do not need for theirs? Woo pwea a sa.


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