Police officers require permission for off-duty jobs – RSLPF reiterates

Police officers require permission for off-duty jobs – RSLPF reiterates
St. Lucia police officers guard a crime scene in Castries. * SNO file photo
St. Lucia police officers guard a crime scene in Castries. * SNO file photo
St. Lucia police officers guard a crime scene in Castries. * SNO file photo

PRESS RELEASE – The Royal Saint Lucia Police Force has observed that police officers are engaging in off duty employment without applying to the Commissioner of Police or once having applied are not confirming the status of their applications.

Therefore, the public is hereby advised that police officers wishing to be employed, need to be in possession of an approval letter from the Commissioner of Police. In absence of this letter, any police officer has the authority to put an end to the event.

Furthermore, potential employers need to ensure that police officers, who are contracted to work, are present at the event/occasion in accordance with the approved period of time stated on the permit.


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  2. This is real crap .When an officer is on duty anywhere there is some level of security there. Common politicians get some sense. Cut this crap and start looking at the real issues.DAMMMMMMM


  3. This started under the last commissioner, because the system was being abused. Officers who were on sick leave were seen working off duty jobs. However, like everything else in St. lucia there is plenty of red tape. It is not illegal nor should it be illegal for Cops to work off duty. However the public must be reminded that off duty police officers are still guardians of the law.


  4. Officers,
    if you are seeking secondary employment where your police skills will be used, particularly with a police issued firearm, or directing traffic or escorts, you must get permission from the Commissioner (or his designate) who will assess the risk. If you are applying to be a bus driver or a clerk/cashier in a store, this is different as your police skills may not be directly used.

    The Police Association should meet with the Commissioner to ensure that the applications are dealt with accordingly and the response emailed back to the applicants. Also, if denied, the reason for denying must be placed on the letter.


  5. I have written on this before and happy to learn that it is somehow being POLICED. The parties must know their boundaries. Say a known cop is working at 'Dillies' - Should I see him as security staff or a cop?
    My experience with those cops in the past was that they behaved like they were still on RSLPF duty and sometimes with RSLPF resources - quite intimidating and unfair. Unfair because in that position they are neither working for the state nor protecting the citizen. The on-duty police effectively has that responsibility.
    I support the policing of privately employed off-duty police offices 100% in the public interest. Hon PM you have my vote on that.


  6. I look forward to the day when Lucians will once again start thinking and acting in the best interest of St. Lucia, devoid of partisan political influence.

    This issue is a case in point. Rather than looking objectively at the deeper problems associated with police officers working "off duty jobs", we are simply discussing their compliance to approval by higher authority in doing off duty work.

    What a waste of energy, time, intellect etc., No police officer should be allowed by the state of St. Lucia to work off duty, period!!!!

    The security of our nation is too important to allow an avenue for our officers to become corrupt. We must ensure that our police officers are the best paid in the country so that they could take care of their financial commitments without undue stress.

    When on leave or off duty, a police officer should be resting in order to take on his/her official responsibilities with gusto. Some police officers who work other jobs could only sleep when on official duty.

    Many police officers compromise their official responsibilities due to direct conflict of interest presented by their other jobs. This is totally unacceptable if we desire an effective police force and a nation with strong/good ethics and values.



  7. That is crap, persons are forced to hold two jobs because of the cost of living in this country,these officers may have children and women to feed and if they don't feed their children they are taken to family court, the extra job is to feed their family, civil servants leave work at 4.30 and hold other jobs, teachers give lessons after work. why cant the police do the same without all that red tape.


  8. The worse part is when you apply weeks in advance only to find your letter of approval the week after the event with a stamp on it dated after the event.. is this what you call off duty application approval


  9. This is pure bullshit when u apply to do off duty employment its like u have to beg the inspector to sign the form and then u got to send the form to chesterfield where it stays there on desk for days even after you hv met the necessary requirements all what you'll are trying to do is prevent officers from engaging in off duty employment too much red tape for officers especially those from the south. Provisions should be
    MAde that the divisional officer superintendent of police to approve off duty employment


  10. Badly written, not easy to understand what the writer wants to convey.
    Someone should have vetted the contents before this letter was sent.

    None the less, I understand your point.

    Same should be done by the Ministry of Education for teachers and the lessons which they charge for, an illegal act.


  11. Kenny really after them officers.things hard kenny give people a damn break.only u and your boys that have to see the better days? That man is so damn sickening. You commissioner you have so many unsolved problems to see about that you want to encourage. Shame on all of you'll


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