Police officers made scapegoats, says Dr. Andre Matthew

Police officers made scapegoats, says Dr. Andre Matthew
Dr. Andre R. L. Matthew MD. * Photo credit: The Star (St. Lucia)
Dr. Andre R. L. Matthew MD. * Photo credit: The Star (St. Lucia)
Dr. Andre R. L. Matthew MD. * Photo credit: The Star (St. Lucia)

PRESS RELEASE – The Royal St. Lucia Police Force has been the recipient of generous US support for a number of years.

As recent as May 20 to June 6, 2013, Police Commissioner Vernon Francois successfully hosted close to 300 officers and officials from 14 regional territories. The officers participated in US funded exercises focused on improving cooperation and security in the region.

The following month, on July 31, 2013, St. Lucia officially joined ALBA. Two weeks after joining ALBA, on August 16, 2013, the LEAHY LAW was swiftly applied, ending all US assistance for St. Lucia’s police officers.

It has been suggested that the LEAHY LAW was applied to St. Lucia as a result of the 12 alleged unlawful police killings during Operation Restore Confidence in 2010/2011. However, the 2014 U.S. Human Rights Report for Jamaica states, “there were 103 killings involving police.” The same report for Jamaica for 2013 states, “there were 211 killings involving police.”

The LEAHY LAW has not been applied to Jamaica, despite hundreds of alleged police killings. Their police officers continue to benefit from US funded training. Unlike St. Lucia, Jamaica is not a member of ALBA.



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  1. Both US and BRITISH should mind there own buisness. US should put a stop to all the killings happening right under their nose before playing clean and perfect. They very well know that they are bias and unfair. They know why they want the commissioner out its out of revenge. It is pure victimization them old hypocrites. Choooz


  2. jamaica has more criminal minded people than st. lucia....so it's kind of expected....i am sure the reports and investigations arelikely to be more solid compared to the trigger happy officers we have in st lucia


  3. The best way to have sanctions against the Government for joining alba is to squeeze the police. The government needs the police for protection. The U.S. Got the excuse and will make the Government pay


  4. Wow what an immature argument by the young doc. He defeats his whole argument with his own logic. Using your logic Doc tell us then how the many other Caribbean countries who are members of ALBA have not had similar sanctions placed on them? If it is really about alba then by your logic all of the Caribbean countries who are members of alba should be treated the same way by the US. Are you saying also the the US is lying about the reason they are taking such actions against st Lucia? Because they have stated clearly it's because of the suspected extra judicial killings.


  5. So what if the action by the US was taken due to our affiliation with ALBA ? Does that mean we should seek the US approval for all our endeavors ? Wasn't ALBA beneficial to our economy ?


  6. And the nonsensical comments continue to plague our thoughts even when FACTUAL ISSUES are brought to light. Clearly some people have vilified the writer for merely attempting to educate the populace on a series of events which MAY have led to the US decision. "The more things change the more they stay the same"... Good luck my follow St. Lucians.


  7. Docmay have a point...is the Dominican police getting american aid....they had no impacs report on them and military aid was suspended to the point where venezuela was supporting them...the americans need cuba....they have the best doctors in the world...they dont need us....russia bombed a passenger plane....they didnt go to the UN...China has the worst Human Rights cases.....yet they tradewith the chinese...thousands of innocent ppl are killed by their drones every year in the name of terrorism...eventually america will be a lone ranger...no other nation will co operate with them...blacks are being gunned down by white police officers every day and nothing is happening to most of them....america is causing more chaos on the world than peace...Doc you are rite....america is two faced.....


  8. mate want to give up health practioner and go in to politics..he should check what he is saying bout alba.
    where he lern his studies from cuba .a comunist country y he did not refuse.america is a magicion.just now they and alba will b hands in hands just like cuba 'and you all will see how the caribbean island will cripple hut ky tan


  9. I do not understand what part this so called "doctor" has to play in politics. Stick to your medical issues.
    You have no place in this unless there is ulterior motive.

    So what's it DOC?????


    I think so. Politics is too dirty for you and you need to stick to what you know not what you have no experience in because you will misguide the people of St Lucia even more that they already are.


  10. The doctor is right...yet I have a big complaint with all of us as St.Lucians and indeed with all of us in the diaspora,as well as all of us in the black world.It is this: We have had a long history with the white race.We endured their slavery,we endure their ongoing genocide of our people.We endure their economic slavery.We see how blacks are senselessly being slaughtered in the u.s.a. WHY THEN DO WE KEEP TAKING THE BULLSHIT FROM THOSE PEOPLE? WHY DO WE KEEP LICKING THEIR ARSES?
    We will never be right for those whites. LEAVE THE DAMN PEOPLE ALONE.
    ST LUCIA POLICE,GET YOUR GUNS AND AMMUNITION FRO RUSSIA OR CHINA. We should seperate ourselves from all things white.F***k them.
    DR. Andre R.L Matthew is right!! Go read the facts.The doctor is right.
    The DPP said that the police was not guilty.That settles it.Tell those silly whites to go hide their pink noses where the sun does'nt shine.
    how much more are we willing to take from them people eh? eh?


    • For a seemingly well educated man you are incredibly racist.
      I guess in your ideal world all tourism to St Lucia would stop and you would immediately repatriate all white home owners on this island.
      Your real name isn't Robert Mugabe is it?
      As you will have figured I am white and am lucky to have many black St Lucian friends. I don't suppose you will ever be one of them.
      It is almost two hundred years since slavery was abolished, for god's sake why can't the Caribbean just move on? Yes slavery was vile but you until you get rid of your hatred of all things white this region will reach it's full potential which can be huge.
      One last point, you seem to think that only black people were slaves. English people were slaves under the Romans - Should we continue to hate Italians?


      • Well said. I am Italian and someone in my family has surely been a slave in ancient Roman times. I guess I will have to hate some random inhabitants of modern Rome because of that lol!


  11. is he a doctor or a lawyer..... I'm tryin to understand where and why is he commenting on that. if he said he was part of the team that examined the bodies killed by police and found evidence to say otherwise then fine. but you comin here speakin about ALBA. hmm seems this guy is gonna run for a parliament seat soon. look out for him.


    • are you a J.A.? he is speaking from a citizens point of view in the interest of his country, Unlike you fools who sit down there behind technology and make all sorts of foolish comments.... why don't you cowards don't stop that sh8 and make a more worthwhile contribution to the country ......smfh


  12. Yes the Police are being made into scapegoats. But that is by the failure of the politicians of 2010/11 to come clean about the instructions / advice / blind eyes that led to the allegedly unlawful homicides that have caused the USA to act in this way.

    As for Jamaica, a killing involving the Police is neither necessarily unlawful nor necessarily a breach of Human Rights. Based on the extracts of the IMPACS report read out by the Prime Minister in March the homicides linked to ORC were both unlawful and a breach of human rights. Hence the application of the hypocritical Leahy Law by the USA despite their appalling record in this area.


  13. The man has stated certain points. We should be smart enough to counter with our points stating his view is not the case, Instead, we are attacking him for everything else, which has nothing to do with his statements. I am beginning to suspect the man has a point.


  14. Is he stating that those killings never happened?
    Is he also stating that all police killings are within the stipulated guidelines, when I have witness a certain rogue police officer boasted about certain "things" he's done to ordinary citizens?

    It's only when it hits our door-step, shall we dance to the tune of another song.


    • Everything the married woman "jeanna corneille" tell Dr. Matthew to do he doing it that man is an ass. Allen and Gale called you to join you. Say their money hungry well you in the sameboat, you say the police did what their hard to do to protect its people, but you changing your story, Dr Matthew keep your bullhead on that medical chair.


  15. I find we st Luciana are a bunch of stupid people. We believe all crap that comes from the mouth of Dr Kenny Anthony and Allan chastnent . Any body else who has something else to say we quick to dismiss. I believe doc has a valid point and so far the evidence speaks volume. It's time for us to look at different colours instead of red and yellow.


  16. Doc they don't see St. Lucia stands different to the other islands very soon the other reasons will come maybe by some one else, why this law was swiftly applied let it spin a little more. Post time people forget what they say to pull down others. All I know God can not sleep and He is good.


  17. This makes perfect sense Dr. Continue to do your research and expose the lies and deceit of this wicked Government. You have my support 500%


  18. So how come the U.S. have not taken the same action on the other ALBA countries? Doc you do not make sense blaming ALBA.


  19. No if or buts or maybe. That's exactly what it is. The labor hacks will not like it. Trust me, they are busy digging into your past, to see what skeletons they can unearth about you Dr.

    They will even go as for as to dig into your doctorate to see if its valid. Those labour hacks.


    • So, are you not a UWP HACK? The only thing you can see is just beyond your nose and no further!


  20. You people can't deal with fact now can't you. The man presented a couple facts that makes sense. Of course you oafs will say your usual nonsense.


  21. ALBA members in the Caribbean include Antigua and Barbuda, Cuba, Dominica, Grenada, Saint Kitts and Nevis, and Saint Vincent and the Grenadines.