BREAKING NEWS: Police officers among four arrested for fraud

BREAKING NEWS: Police officers among four arrested for fraud


PRESS RELEASE – On, Tuesday, October 13, 2015 police formally arrested and charged Iker Lubin, Dave William and Mathias William all of Mon Repos, Micoud and Terry Chedy of Cacoa, Vieux Fort for various fraud offences.

Lubin and Chedy were charged for the offence of conspiracy, whilst Dave William was charged for the offences of Conspiracy, Perverting the Course of Justice, Attempted Obtaining Property by Deception and Mathias William for the offences of Conspiracy and Attempted Obtaining Property by Deception.

They made an appearance before the Second District Court where they were granted bail.

They were charged in connection with an investigation into alleged fraudulent claims made to the NAGICO Insurance Company.

Lubin and Chedy are police constables of the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force.


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  1. Let who is with no sin cast the first stone. Hope it is on this media when they are proven not guilty and they charge the government for slandering their names. And those who say he is not from cacoa what is cacoa such an innocent community don't let me put out what those foolish Indians do for a living.
    And so many police officers doing worst things one raped a boy in a station did his name ever come out the one in the shacadon case did their names ever came out. Whoever is behind this better watch themselves. All those of you who are judge and jury and think they are not deservant of being officers why don't yall join the force. These insurance companies looking for all cock and bull not to pay claims.


  2. Jesus was condemned and crucified for doing the right thing.
    So you judges go ahead pass judgement...
    I'm talking about the men/women in the mirror.
    Go with your happy hearts.
    Enjoy because tomorrow is almost here.


  3. You all are judges,ok...I hope when your turn comes you sing the same song.
    Karma ,karma,karma to all you judges.
    You think tomorrow or twenty years is far away? Don't blink too fast. You have kids??remember when your friends beard is on fire, sprinkle yours with water.
    So cheddy-gave-you-a-traffic ticket and you didn't deserve it???
    In the name of Jesus who knows and sees it all-
    Will light the lives of the officers..he has put this little stumble in their step just to clear the path for brighter times,hold your has up high let the Lord do his thing.
    As for you judges writing all your hate l..I'm guessing that you think that you lead a Lilly white life,have never made a mistake and have never been accused of anything that you were innocent of.
    Go ahead curse the two officers and sleep well.


  4. Don't worry people,keep listening and let the proper authorities do their investigations they will come up with a lot more dirty police officers in st Lucia that is dirty and big drug traffickers there's one in augier,yeah....that's him,playing mafia,his time will come pending investigation


  5. Wow ppl have a lot to say about Mr lubin perfection reigns in your minds weather he is guilty or innocent he will have a day in court as the process has began. But the individual who said that she heard his mother boasting about his car and new house. You seem to have a shakesperian like mentality. To blatantly lie on someone you know nothing about about miss Greta yes I call you by name you would not know iker''s mother from a whole in the wall and if you do you are definitely committing the fraud and you are bearing false witness against some one it's self absorbed people like you who make a living on your behind watching people rise while you stay bad minding as to why it was not you. Iker is a grown man this is true. You are a lying sac of dung also true


  6. while we are going to town on these guys...some really funny comments...some serious ones...some pple feel offended etc...let us look deeper....why are we all after big houses?? the nicest car??? why?? we have forgotten that things serve purpose...a house for shelter from the elements and security....a car point A to Point B....when we start doing these things to help with our POOR SELF ESTEEMS...we are only hurting ourselves....the big that not eating properly...not pple seeing your houses....the car that not eating properly...not the pple seeing it....u always hungry...always in a bad mood...pple hearing your belly noises....come on within our means...and now these guys breaking the law...who goes to jail??? not the pple who were asking you to buy them a beer...ONLY YOU GUYS...


  7. Are you an idiot or what? How can the PWA or Cameron Laure defend a cop who has been arrested and charged with a crime? I know it is "silly season" but don't be a jackass going around sullying peoples's names or clouding issues. I know you want to refer to the defence by PWA of the officers allegedly involved IMPACS but the difference is no one was ever charged with any crime. In fact the PWA never said that officers were not guilty, they questioned the procedure involved. Now go read something that is within your comprehension, like Dick & Dora.


  8. I just wish that we could catch our questionable politicians with their pants down just as easy as this. Who knows? Doesn't it look like that there are even worse offenders in the main parties?


  9. i am still in shock to know that this guy became a police officer,,, if he got high recommendation from community group then rslpf needs to conduct better assessments cause this so called officer didn't need to be part of my country law enforcement ,,, from a teenager he was already corrupt,,, so many ppl are dying for jobs ,,, i guess god is an awesome god .. i still wish him well and hope that he get the job he deserves,,, no one is above the law,,,,st lucia do have a legit constitution haha


  10. I am glad to hear the police officers are doing their jobs, despite all the noise surrounding the Police force, and that they are not covering up for the corrupt ones, Bravo!


  11. Iker Lubin, ugly like Idi Amin,You will learn now that when people leave in glass houses they don't throw stones. This is only the tip of the iceberg. Wait until your other shenanigans are released into the public domain, if I were you I would find a rock to crawl under because people will soon see you for the scum that you really are.


  12. I know of some other crooked cops, when are you going to arrest them? I won't mention names but VF police you know who you are!


  13. Anonymous, do you have something against people leaving in ghettos. They are in ghettos my circumstances. Just be happy that you're not leaving in one.


  14. Fool like these that help spoil the image of the good officers. They don't know how to work legally and make money. Find specials to do in the spare time all it takes is to full a form and ask for permission and make clean money. My man is a police and I will boost my last breath that he is one of the good no nonsense officers out there who leave they family time on hold to make clean money. Some of the bad apples just join the force because they can't find a job else where at the time and also known ow that the job is secured. They should be fired chops.


  15. police officers got caught into corruption and some of you ppl commenting shate like we shouldnt rejoice or joke about it,they should be setting the examples,dread some of you lucians are sick fucks thats y this country will always be fucked up with corruptions sounds like some of you are so damn ,like you guys never went to school to be educated about .police offeicers not suppose to be involve in such period.


  16. I'm so happy to hear about those police officers who go about embarrassing the force Whoever goes about with the process of employing them are just like them. Learn to employ law abiding citizens and not persons with the best cxc results.


    • really??? wow maybe you should go ahead and employ them then u will see that there is a screening process where by the PUBLIC which includes people like yourselves inform the force about those people.


    • Why drag his mom into this??
      I think Mr. Lubin is an adult who was quite capable of making his own decisions, right or wrong.
      Let's stay focus here.